PHYSICS Week Ahead: 9/18-9/22


We will begin our study of Kinematics this week. The Domino Lab went well last week and I think ya’ll may have the steadiest hands in Roughneck Physics history. Way to go!

*Remember your Domino lab is due to me at the beginning of your class period. You should have your table and graph completed with your 5 data points and my data points AND your conclusion completed. You will turn in your procedure, table, graph, and conclusion into me on Monday.

**Extra Problems for the Scientific Method/Dimensional Analysis test will be Wednesday, 9/20 at 7:40AM in my room. I encourage all of you regardless of your test score to do the extra problems. Every little bit helps. You must be in my room before 7:40 or you will not be allowed in.

Monday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Q&A: Domino Lab
Lecture/Discussion Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Position
Guided Practice: PG 45 #1, #2, #4, #6 PG 47 #2 #4
HW: Problems textbook

Tuesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Discussion: PG 45 #1, #2, #4, #6 PG 47 #2 & #4
Guided Practice: Practice 2A: Average Velocity and Displacement
HW: unfinished problems

Wednesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Table Talk: Practice 2B: Average Acceleration #1-6 plus bonus
HW: Unfinished problems and MOPS: Acceleration #1-8

Thursday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Comprehension Quiz Acceleration & Velocity
HW: Textbook Notes pg 52-56

Friday: Topics: Kinematics: Final velocity and displacement using acceleration
Activities: 2C/2D: Displacement and Velocity with a constant acceleration
HW: Unfinished problems

UPDATE ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/18-9/22


This week we will begin our quick review of the organ systems. We will discuss structures, functions, organ transplant, and you will get the opportunity to do an autopsy virtual lab involving real medical cases. Lastly, you will complete your first dissection of the beloved RAT!

Extra Problems for the Unit 1 Test will be Tuesday at 7:40AM in my room. You must be in the room before 7:40AM or you will not be allowed into the room. I would encourage everyone regardless of your test grade to do the extra problems. Every extra point matters in the long run.

**UPDATE: our discussion of the organ systems is taking a little longer because of your questions and our discussion in class. We will finish up on Wednesday. Look at the change for the end of the week. We will do the autopsy virtual lab next week.

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Topics: Organ Systems
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Organ Systems
HW: Internet Transplantation Drug research Worksheet (Due Tuesday)

Thursday: Topics: Identify organ system function and organs
Activities: Pin the Organ on the body and Organ System Matching Game
Assign Virtual Autopsy Vocab
HW: Virtual Autopsy Vocab (DUE Friday 9/29)
Read Dissection lab

Friday: Topics Rat dissection and organ location Virtual Rat Lab: Step 6/7 apply to us
Activities: Lab: Rat Dissection
HW: Read/Complete Question Biology Matters: Organ Transplants and Read/Ques See What is…? HistoCompatibility articles Questions Article 1 and Article 2
Prepare organ location/function quiz

**Lab Quiz over the Rat Anatomy on Monday 9/25

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/11-9/15


This week we will wrap up our introductory unit on Anatomy and move on to a quick review of the organ systems. We will discuss structures, functions, organ transplant, and you will get the opportunity to do an autopsy virtual lab involving real medical cases. Lastly, you will complete your first dissection of the beloved RAT! Buckle up we are starting to roll

Monday: Topics: Create and analyze a human karyotype.
Activities: Karyotype Lab **Make sure you print the Denver sheet for class. If you do not have access to a printer please email me before Monday at 8:45, so I can make a copy for you. MAKE sure you READ the lab for UNDERSTANDING and complete any required pre-lab questions. DO not just skim over the reading like you did with the DNA lab
HW: Study Karyotype Quiz

Tuesday: Topics: Analyze the karyotype for genetic disorders.
Activities: Complete Karyotype Lab if necessary
Medical Branches Review game
HW: Prepare for Karyotype lab quiz (application)

Wednesday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of karyotypes and their use in prenatal testing
Activities: Lab Application Quiz
HW: Study Test Unit one

Thursday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of unit 1 concepts
Activities: Test unit 1
HW: Support Cryslan at the Miss Gregg County Pageant

Friday: Topics: Organ Systems and functions
Activities: Create Organ System Notes and graphic organizer for organ systems and associated organs
HW: Have notes complete by due date. Response (1pg typed single space) on Stars Ethics Case: Organ Donation

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 9/11-9/15


This week we will conclude our discussion of the scientific method, and review of dimensional analysis. You all have a good grasp of both topics based on your efforts in class. Let’s finish out this unit with strong performances on the test scheduled for Tuesday.

On Wednesday we will start our discussion of Kinematics by being your first inquiry lab on falling dominoes. You have a notes assignment due on Thursday. First complete the NBC Learn activity and then go to your textbook and read pages 38-52, adding information to the questions I posed as needed. It seems like a lot of pages but there are several pages of example problems and sections review problems, so it isn’t too bad. You can bring this assignment to class on Thursday or send it to me through google docs. double check my email address: [email protected]

Monday: Topics: Scientific Method/Dimensional Analysis Wrap Up
Activities: Q&A: Comp Quiz: Dimensional Analysis
Universal Screener and Quick Pick Review
HW: Prepare for test: Scientific Method and Dimensional Analysis

Tuesday: Topics: Scientific Method/Dimensional Analysis
Activities: Exam: Scientific Method/Dimensional Analysis
HW: Complete KINEMATIC NOTES: NBC Learn videos and pg 38-52 of textbook Velocity, Acceleration due Thursday

Wednesday: Topics: Velocity
Activities: Lab The Domino Effect: Hypothesis/Procedure Development
HW: Kinematic Notes: videos and Velocity, Acceleration section from book due Thursday

Thursday: Topics: Linear Motion/Velocity
Activities: Lab: The Domino Effect
HW: Support Cryslan at the Miss. Gregg County Pageant!

Friday: Topics: Linear Motion/Velocity
Activities: Lab: The Domino Effect
HW: Complete post lab conclusion and graph for discussion on Monday

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 9/4-9/8




Tuesday: Topics: Measurement/Dimensional Analysis
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q&A over Mt. Everest investigation
Lecture/Discussion: Dimensional Analysis
HW: Complete PG 14 #1-5 form textbook

Wednesday: Topics: Dimensional analysis
Activities: Mixed Review Problems w/ Partner
HW: unfinished problems

Thursday: Topics; Dimensional Analysis
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q/A Mixed Review
Table Talk: Practice 1A
HW: Prepare comp quiz over Dimensional analysis. One way to prepare is to redo a variety of problems we have completed and check together in class. Quiz problems will be very similar.

Friday: Topics: Scientific Method/dimensional Analysis
Activities: Comprehension Quiz: Dimensional Analysis
HW: Prepare for Scientific Method/Dimensional Analysis Test on Tuesday 9/12

Anatomy Week Ahead: 9/4-9/8


This week we will review DNA and learn about Karyotypes and their diagnostic ability.
Coming up 9/14 Test over unit 1. Here is a review to help you get organized Unit 1 Review

**Video notes over videos #3,4,5,6 from the playlist posted on Friday are due Tuesday!

DNA Review

Monday: Holiday WHOOP WHOOP

Tuesday: Topic: Demonstrate understanding of regions of the body
Activities: Quiz Regions, planes, terms
HW: Notes DNA videos

Wednesday: Topic: DNA structure, function, protein synthesis
Activities: Lecture/Discussion DNA
HW: Read DNA Lab

Thursday:Topic: Extract a visible mass of DNA
Activities: DNA Extraction Lab DNA Lab Questions
HW: Article: Testing in Utero/Lab Post Lab questions

Friday: Topics: Describe how nondisjunction can result in trisomy or monosomy.
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Nondisjuntion disorders
HW: Read Karyotype Prelab MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!!!

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 8/29-9/1


**Make sure you finish the Scientific method notes from Friday!

This week we will review scientific method with a class discussion and M&M lab. We will cap off our review with a look at Mt. Everest

Monday: Topics: Scientific Method/Theory
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Investigative Procedures Scientific Method
Individual Practice: Experimental Parts (passed out in class)
HW: Watch video and take notes for class Laws, Theories, and Hypotheses

Tuesday: Topics: Hypotheses and Theories
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Hypothesis vs. Theory
Partner Pair: Lesson Check 2B-D Hypotheses vs Theories #2,3,6,7,8
HW: Bring M&M lab hypothesis to class

Wednesday: Scientific Method, Hypotheses and Theories
Activities: Science Appetizer: Science Appetizer: Hypothesis vs. Theory #8
Q&A: Review M&M Lab hypotheses
Group Work: Collaborate on lab procedure for the removal of the “M” from an M&M

Thursday: Topics: Scientific Method and Theories
Activities: Lab: Take the M out of M&M
HW: Complete Post lab analysis if necessary

Friday: Topics: Scientific Method and Theories
Activities: Science Appetizer: Mt. Everest: Fast Facts
Individual Work: Boiling Point on Mt. Everest
Video Activity: Water Boiling at Everest
HW: unfinished portions of the Everest activity from class

If these this activity piqued your interest, here are some VR sites to check out the mountain in 360!
Discovery Channel: Mt Everest Journey
Project 360
SI Capturing Everest

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 8/28-9/1


We are going to discuss a quick review of Biology concepts related to Anatomy to start the week with a recap of characteristics of life, cell organelles and cell membranes. Next week, DNA and Karyotypes.

Make sure you looked back at Friday’s homework assignment. You should complete the cell organelle notes by identifying each organelle’s function and a little about their structure. This assignment is due Wednesday for discussion.

Here is a good video to review the Anatomical Terms: Anatomical Terms Playlist This quiz will be Tuesday 9/5

Monday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of microscopy
Activities: Microscope Application Quiz
Q&A: Term Packet
HW: Cell organelle wksheet due Wednesday
Medical Branches due Friday

Tuesday: Topic: Structural Organization, Homeostasis and Characteristics of life
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Biology Review Notes handout, Homeostasis Handout and Feedback loop examples
HW: Jane Doe practice

Wednesday: Topic:Cell Organelle structure and function
Activities: Teacher –directed review of cell organelles
Cell-ville (passed out in class)
HW: Complete Part 1 of Case Study

Thursday: Topic: Principals of membrane transport mechanisms
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Cell membranes and transport
Case Study:“From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Osmosis and Diffusion” (lab)
HW: Medical branches due Friday

Friday: Topic: Principals of membrane transport mechanisms
Activities: Case Study:“From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Diffusion and Osmosis”
Egg Demo
HW: Watch/take notes over videos (#3,4,5,6) from Biology Review Playlist that involve DNA structure/function and processes
Biology Review

ANATOMY Week AHEAD: 8/17-8/18 and 8/21-8/25


Thursday/Friday: Topics: Class Introduction/Procedures
Activities: Course Syllabus, Expectation, Personal Information Sheet
HW: Signed Class Information sheet due 8/24

Review Material for Safety Quiz: Comprehension quiz will be over equipment rules, and symbols
Lab Equipment
Safety Symbols

**Review Playlist: This might help with the new terms, directions, and cavities you will learn this weekAnatomical Terms

Monday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Discussion Lab safety, equipment, and symbols
HW: Study comp quiz: safety and print term packet for Tuesday

Tuesday: Topics: Lab Safety, Symbols, and Equipment
Activities: Comprehension Quiz Lab Safety
Individual Work: Term Packet

Wednesday: Topic: Anatomical Terminology: Directions, Planes, and Regions
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Anatomical Terminology
Notes handouts we will complete in class Term Notes pg 1 and Term notes pg 2
Jane Doe graphic organizer passed out in class
HW: Term packet (due 8/24)
Read Parts A & B and Complete Diagram of Microscope in Microscopy lab

Thursday: Topic: Microscopy
Activities: Lab: Microscopy (print for class)

Friday: Topic: Describe body regions of human body
Identify organs of human body
Describe and identify anatomical planes and directions
Activities: Q/A Term Packet
Lab: Directional Lab: Procedure and Lab Answer Document (print this handout for class)
HW: Study Microscope lab quiz
Cell Organelle notes handout will be due Wednesday 9/30

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 8-17-8/19 and 8/21-8/25


Thursday: Topics: Class Introduction/Procedures
Activities: Complete Top 10 List
HW: Learning Style Quiz (passed out in class) due Friday
Signed Class Information sheet due 8/24

Friday: Topics: Class Introduction/Procedures
Activities: Course Syllabus, Expectations

We will be reviewing lab equipment and safety procedures this week with a comprehension quiz on Friday. If you are going to be gone on Friday, come see me so we can make arrangements for you to take the quiz before you go.
Review Material for Lab Safety Procedures, Equipment and Symbols:
Lab Equipment
Safety Symbols

Monday: Topics: Technology sign up **Check out the Eclipse!
Activities: Sign up for TED ED account, Course Textbook: Getting Tech Ready handout
Complete Ted ed activity:Accuracy and Precision
HW: Complete Ted Ed activity and submit to me before 8:00AM on Tuesday 8/22

Tuesday: Topics: Learning Styles Quiz and Explanation
Activities: Learning Style quiz and discussion
HW: Signed class information sheet

Wednesday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Discussion/Small Group Work: Lab safety, equipment, and symbols
We will complete this handout in class you can print it if you want ahead of time Safety Questions Handout
HW: Signed class information sheet

Thursday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Discussion/Small Group Work: Lab safety, equipment, and symbols
HW:Review for Safety Quiz: Symbols, rules, and equipment

Friday: Topics: Lab Safety, Symbols, and Equipment
Activities: Comprehension Quiz Lab Safety
HW: Read and complete notes over Investigative Procedures or watch the video and complete notes over it Scientific Method
You do not need to complete the lesson check yet.

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