PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/24-4/28


Remember to complete the Mixed Review Problems from Friday

If you are not going to be at school on Thursday, you will take the test on Wednesday. Get with me to schedule a time.

Monday: Activities: Lab: Soda Can Calorimeter
Calorimeter Analysis Questions
HW: complete analysis questions

Tuesday: Activities: Case Study: Deflategate: A study in Ideal Gas Law
HW: Complete questions

Wednesday: Activities: Case Study: Deflategate: A study of the Ideal Case Law
HW: prepare for test
Deflategate analysis due Thursday

Thursday: Activities: Kinetic Theory of Temperature Test (Temperature, Specific Heat, Latent Heat, Pressure)

Friday: Activities: Individual Research: Review the videos and take notes over the terms, equations, SI units, and diagrams as well as examples. There are also directions on the playlist. Waves Playlist

Anatomy Week Ahead: 4/24-4/28



???Going to be Gone on Friday: You will take the test on Thursday. Make arrangements with me

Monday: Activities: Review Muscle Diagram Labeling
Application Quiz: Muscle Contraction (review notes, Cloze, and sequencing cards)
HW: Complete Case Study: Unlucky Chucky and toxins of the NMJ (ALL sections)

Tuesday: Activities: Comprehension Quiz: Total Muscles (if it’s in the notes and on the diagram)
Q&A Case Study Unlucky Chucky

Wednesday: Activities: Lab: Cat skinning and muscle dissections “The Rules”
HW: prepare muscle test

Thursday: Activities: Lab: Cat skinning and muscle dissections
HW: Complete blood typing notes

Friday: Activities: Test: Muscles
HW: Blood Notes due Tuesday 5/2 Blood Typing and playlist video due Thursday 5/4
Blood Playlist Notes over first three videos due with your the sections up to Blood typing

Anatomy: Muscle Study Material


Muscles of thigh

Muscle Types microscopic view

GOOD Practice WebAnatomy Muscular System

Good Practice Muscle Quiz

Muscle Practice Read the directions on this one!

Muscle Playlist Good Review stuff Here!


Contraction #2

Muscle Structure

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PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/17-4/21


Monday Holiday

Tuesday: Activities: Review Problems: Temperature, Specific Heat, and Pressure #1-11
Individual Practice PG 318 #1-4
HW: Complete #1-6 on Mixed Review

Wednesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Methods of Heat Transfer/Latent Heat
HW: Complete problems PG 321 #3 & 6

Thursday:Activities: Mixed Review Problems
HW: Complete unfinished problems

Friday: Activities: Lab Soda Can Calorimeter
HW: unfinished problems and prepare for test

Anatomy Week Ahead: 4/17-4/21


**Don’t forget to have Section 1 of notes and muscle packet ready for Tuesday
**Don’t forget to look over muscle vocabulary terms, you are responsible for them. We will discuss and use them as we go but I will not necessarily define each one for you.

Extra Problems Bones Test Thursday 7:40

Tuesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion Muscle types, microscopic structure of muscles
Q&A: Muscle types/cellular components packet
HW: Section 2 notes due Wednesday

Wednesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Muscle Contraction
HW:Muscle Cloze
Students will receive muscle contraction sequencing cards for practice
Complete muscles chart from “Frontalis to Internal Oblique”

Thursday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Identify muscles of face and upper extremities
HW:Muscle Diagram labeling (due Monday)
Complete Section 3 muscle chart from “Iliopsoas to Soleus”
Students will also come home with John Doe practice sheet

Friday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion Identify muscles of the lower extremities
HW: Muscle contraction quiz
Case Study Unlucky Chucky will be due Tuesday 4/25 and total body quiz on this day also

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/10-4/14


Monday: Activities: Reading Methods of Heat Transfer (handout/PG 310-311 book)
This assignment will be passed out in class but here is the link to the questions, use your book as well Heat Transfer questions

Tuesday: Activities: Latent heat Reading notes passed out in class. If you miss here are the links to the assignments: Latent Heat reading and Latent Heat questions

Wednesday:Activities: Q&A: Practice Problems from Worksheet 1
Lecture/Discussion: Methods of Heat Transfer
HW: Prepare for comprehension quiz over temperature, heat transfer, and specific heat capacity (you will need to know equations for temperature conversions)

Thursday: Topics: Activities: Quiz Ch 10 (daily)
Individual Work: Heat Transfer Questions

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 4/10-4/14


Bone Test will cover all bones, sutures, processes and markings as well as associated notes. Review your notes and packet. Practice matching papers are on the back counter

Monday and Tuesday: Prepare for Bone test
Wednesday: Bone test
Thursday: Complete notes over muscle structure and physiology (Due Tuesday 4/18)

Muscle Notes

**Section 1 will be due 4/18

Muscle Vocabulary

Muscle Packet
**Packet will be due Wed 4/19

Friday: Holiday

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 4/3-4/7


*Monday: total Skeleton quiz: all bones and sutures/fontanels. You will not have the bone markings on this quiz also you are not responsible for knowing the individual carpal and tarsal bones. You will have several views of the skull, review notes and book and/or packet.

**The Bone Lab Practical is on Friday, if you are going to be missing school for anything you will need to take the practical before you leave either Thursday or Friday before school.

Monday: Activities: Examine bones for lab practical
Quiz: Total Skeletal
HW: Study lab practical

Tuesday: Activities: Examine Bones for lab practical
HW: Study bone practical

Wednesday: Activities: Classroom open to study bones for practical
HW: Complete Parts 1 and 2 :Case Study: Shino Yang from Cracking the Case: Relationship between Bones and Hormones

Thursday: Explore
Topics: Explain why vitamin D and calcium are important in bone health.
Compared and contrast two different ways osteoporosis can develop.
Explain the actions of estrogens and glucocorticoids on bone remodeling.
Diagram the role of RANK, RANKL, and OPG in bone remodeling.
Explain how two osteoporosis drugs function at the cellular level.
Gain practice in integrating and synthesizing laboratory data and patient history information in order to diagnose two patients.
Activities: Case Study: Cracking the Case: Relationship between Bones and Hormones
HW: Prepare lab practical

Friday: Activities: Bone markings Lab Practical
HW: Complete Part 3 and 4: Eleanor Davis of the Case Study due Monday

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/3-4/7


*Make sure you complete the reading and notes for Section 1 before class on Monday.
Complete Section 1 of notes on Kinetic Theory and watch Kinetic Theory Playlist (first 4 videos)

I have also posted when each section of the notes are due

**If you are absent on Monday, I will check your notes on Tuesday and make sure you have the problems completed

Monday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Kinetic Theory
Guided Practice: Temperature conversions
HW: Book PG 305 #1-5
Complete Section 2 of Notes and specific heat video on playlist

Tuesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Specific Heat Capacity
Guided Practice: Specific Heat Problems PG 318 #1-4
HW: Complete unfinished problems
Complete Pre-lab sections of The Drinking Bird

Wednesday: Activities: Problems: Specific Heat, Temperature, and Pressure (omit #11&12 for now)
HW: Complete Section 3 of notes: Pressure and video notes (due Thursday)

Thursday: Activities: Lab: The Drinking Bird
HW: Complete unfinished lab questions

Friday: Activities: Science Appetizer: Pressure Demos/Harbottle
Lecture/Discussion: Pressure/Latent Heat
HW: Complete problems PG 321 #3 & 6

Anatomy You know why the shark was found in the road in Australia?


Because the alligators were in the ocean eating all their sea turtle!

Shark found in the Road

I think he was falsely accused of being a ‘Man-eating” shark.

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