PHYSICS Week Ahead: 3/27-3/31


**Make sure you have your lab completed for the quiz.

Monday: Activities: Lab Quiz: Weighing an Elephant (written and procedural)
Individual Review: Rotational Dynamics Due WEDNESDAY
HW: Complete unfinished problems

Tuesday: Activities: Lab Challenge HOLLOW vs. SOLID
HW: Post lab analysis

Wednesday: Activities: Lab Challenge Hollow vs. Solid
HW: Lab analysis due Thursday

Thursday: Activities: Q&A: Review Rotational Dynamics
Mini Challenge: Brick in the Wall and Balancing Nails
HW: Prepare for test Torque, Moment of Inertia, and Angular Momentum

Friday: Activities: Test Ch 8
HW: Complete Section 1 of notes on Kinetic Theory and watch Kinetic Theory Playlist(first 4 videos)

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 3/27-3/31


Upcoming Dates:
Bone Packet PG 88-95 due Monday 3/27
Section 3 notes due Tuesday 3/28
Bone packet (PGS 78-87) Due Thursday 3/30
Monday 4/3 Total Skeletal quiz (including bones of skull and vertebrae)
Wednesday 4/5 Bone Lab practical

Monday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Appendicular Skeleton
Q&A Appendicular Sections of Packet Diagrams and Matching
HW: Section 3 notes due Tuesday

Tuesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Axial skeleton
HW: Axial skeleton worksheet and diagrams in packet (PGS 78-87) Due Thursday
Study Quiz Long bone #2 (structure, function of skeletal system, classification of bones)

Wednesday: Activities: Quiz Long bone #2
Lecture/Discussion: Axial Skeleton
HW: Study lab practical

Thursday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Axial skeleton
Q&A: Axial Skeletal diagrams and Matching
HW: Study Daily quiz: Axial and Appendicular Diagrams

Friday: Activities: Review activity: Mr. Bones
Quiz: skull and vertebrae and thoracic cage
HW: Total skeletal comprehension quiz

Anatomy Week Ahead: 3/20-3/24


We will start our study of the Skeletal System this week. Below are listed materials and upcoming dates so you can get ahead on your preparation for class discussions. It is imperative you do the work before you come to class so that you can keep up with the discussions. You should also review the material each night. Senioritis is going to start kicking in, continue to take care of your business otherwise May will be long month. 🙂

Bone Packet

Bone Notes

Study Stuff:
Bone classification and structure

Long Bone Diagram

Skeletal Practice

Skeletal Playlist

Upcoming Dates: Section 1 notes due Tuesday 3/21
Quiz Long Bone #1 Wednesday 3/22
Section 2 notes due Friday 3/24

Bone Packet PG 88-95 due Monday 3/27
Section 3 notes due Tuesday 3/28
Bone packet (PGS 78-87) Due Thursday 3/30

Monday: Activities: Bone packet
HW: Section 1 Notes due Tuesday Make sure notes over Playlist videos
Section 2: notes due Friday

Tuesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Skeletal functions and long bone structures (Section 1)
Individual Practice: The Skeletal Plan
HW: Study Quiz Anatomy and terminology of Long bone (no functions)

Wednesday: Activities: Science Appetizer: Youtube animation: Bone remodeling and modeling
Quiz: Long Bone #1 (diagram, structures, functions)
Lecture/Discussion: Microscopic structures of bone/Ossification Bone formation
HW: worksheet: Bone classification and structure

Thursday: UIL Academic Day Early Release

Friday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Appendicular Skeleton (Section 2 of notes)
HW: Appendicular Diagrams and Matching (Packet PG 88-95) due Monday

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 3/2-3/24


Monday: Activities:Torque Problems
Mini-Challenge: Balancing Nails
HW: unfinished problems

Tuesday: Activities: Lecture/Demos: Angular Momentum/Moment of Inertia
Guided Practice: Moment of Inertia/Angular Momentum worksheet 1 #1-5
HW: unfinished problems

Wednesday: Activities: Guided Practice: Angular Momentum/Moment of Inertia #6-13
HW: unfinished problems and complete lab assignment for Friday

Thursday: UIL Academic Day: early release
**Lab: Weighing an Elephant Pre lab assignment: Write in your own words the purpose, hypothesis and procedure for the lab including the table. Have these sections completed before you come to class

Friday: Activities: Lab: Weighing An Elephant
HW: Review Quiz: Post lab analysis questions and calculations

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 3/6-3/10


Extra Problems Circular Motion Test Wednesday 7:40 AM
**Look back to last Friday: MAKE sure you have pre-lab questions completed and it would easier if you printed the lab handout to complete as you perform the lab

You do not have to print out the cartoon below. It is study material to help clarify the concepts we will be studying
Cartoon Rotational Motion

Tuesday/Wednesday: Lab: When Pigs Fly **Look a=back to last Friday Pre-lab due at start of class
HW: complete unfinished portions of the lab

Thursday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Torque and Demos
HW: Center of Gravityconcept Questions

Friday: Unit: Activities: Lab: Balancing Act
HW: unfinished portions of the lab

Ted Ed: Center of Gravity

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 3/6-3/10


Extra Problems Nervous System test Wednesday 7:40 AM

Activity: Drug Addiction Lab Quiz: Review lab and class notes
HW: Infograph topics due to me by 8:00AM

Tuesday: Activities: Lab: Cockroach Beatbox **Read through the lab before you get to class
Record and Manipulate LIve Neurons

Wednesday-Friday: Activities: Infograph Presentations

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 2/27-3/3


You will need to complete the Rotational Motion notes and playlist this week on your own time.
It is due at the start of your class period on Friday or turn it into me before you leave on Friday if you are gone for a school activity.

Complete Rotational Dynamics notes handout and notes over each video Title each section Rotational Dynamics Playlist

Here are review problems for the test. I have included the answers. If you need help you can come by and see and I will help you with the problems. This assignment does not have to be turned in, it is just additional help. Circular Motion Review Problems

Monday:Activities: Guided Practice: Mathematics of Circular Motion: #1a-d, 2, 4,5, 6
HW: unfinished problems

Tuesday: Activities: Lab: Exploring Circular Motion Part 3: Waiter’s Tray
HW: unfinished problems

Wednesday: Activities: Lab: Circular Motion Paradox
HW: complete unfinished portions

Thursday: Activities: Circular Motion test
HW: Complete notes assignment for Friday

Friday: Activities: Science of Sport: Rotational Dynamics
HW: Lab: Flying Pig Read and Print the lab handout. Bring this lab to class.
Complete Flying Pigs prelab bring your answer to class on Monday Flying Pigs Prelab

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 2/27-3/3


REVIEW This is to help you get your info organized. These are not direct questions on the test. I wouldn’t wait until the night before to start studying.

*We will assign topics on the infograph project on Monday

Monday: Activities: Case Study: Mini Cases in Movement Disorders Presentations
HW: prepare for test

Tuesday: Activities: Test Nervous System
HW: Staying Sober article and Responses
Addiction Playlist Take notes over videos. The videos and article will be the discussion

Wednesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Drug Addiction and Brain Reward Pathway
HW: Complete sections 1 and 2 of lab

Thursday: Activities: Lab: Drug Addiction and Brain Reward Pathway
HW: complete unfinished portions of lab

Friday: Activities: Lab Quiz: Drug Addiction and the Brain Reward Pathway
HW: Infograph Project due to me by Tuesday 3/7 at 8:00AM
An Infograph on how to do an Infograph

Summer Internships


Here is a link to available internships. Some of the positions are for High School students and some you will need to have college experience, however all of them are worth taking a look at for your future. There maybe something you could apply for later or even a possible career opportunity you might find interesting.

Summer Internships Part 1


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ANATOMY: Tuesday Assignment 2/21


Everyone will be taking a quiz over Section 1-2 in your notes. The content of the quiz is from discussions and PG 202-211 in the textbook. Make sure you have completed the Ted ed lessons by Tuesday at 8:00AM and bring the necessary work to class. The links for the lessons are on last Friday’s assignments. I will post the rest of the week later.

Wednesday: Topics: Discuss addictive properties of common substances and effects on nervous system
Activities: Student mini-Presentations over Ted ed research

Thursday: Activities: Case Study: Mini Cases on Muscle Movements
HW: Complete Case study and share notes with me at [email protected] before 8:00AM on Friday

Friday: Activities: Case Study: Mini Cases in Movement Disorders Presentations

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