Honors Physics Week Ahead: 9/24-9/28


This week we will wrap up our study of horizontal motion and move on to vertical motion. We will study acceleration due to free fall and dive into using the Lego EV3 robots for experimentation. We will have Extra Problems for the kinematics test on Friday at 7:40 in my room.

Monday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Speed Physics Review
HW: Prepare for test kinematics

Tuesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Kinematics Test
HW: Complete Leaping from Stratosphere assignment due Thursday at beginning of class

Wed Half Day
Wednesday: Topics: Free Fall
Activities: Leaping from the Stratosphere
10 Facts about Felix
Supersonic Jump Playlist
Ted Talk handout
HW: unfinished portions of the assignment

Thursday: Topics: Free Fall
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Free Fall/Galileo’s Hypothesis lab
Guided Practice: Free Fall Problems #2
HW: Free Fall Problems #2

Friday: Topics: Free Fall
Activities: Lab Challenge: Determing g with EV3
HW: Free fall Concept Problems

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/24-9/28


I don’t know about ya’ll but I am pumped the weather is finally cooling off! This week we will discuss organ transplantation and the entire donation process. We will wrap up this unit with a test on Friday. Next week we will start our discussion of disease mechanisms, pathology, and pathogenic organisms. Make sure you have taken notes over the Organ Donation playlist and completed the article questions from last week. All is due Monday for our discussions in class.

Monday: Topics: Organ Transplant
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Organ Donation
HW: Prepare for organ system comp quiz
Read the following scenario and provide a one page typed or written response to the Ethics Case Study STARS Ethics Case Study: Organ Donation

Tuesday: Topics: Organ Transplant
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Organ Donation
Organ system comp quiz
HW: Read Kidney Donor lab

Wednesday: Topics: Organ Transplant
Activities: Lab: Kidiney Donor
HW: Complete necessary portions of lab and prepare for lab quiz on Friday

Thursday: Topics: Organ Transplant
Activities: Science Appetizer: Organ System Concept map
Lab Quiz Kidney Donor (Application)
HW: prepare for Organ system test

Friday: Evaluate
Topics: Demonstrate understanding of organ systems function/structure and organ donation
Activities: Test Organ Systems
HW: Disease Mechanism Notes Handout Complete Section 1 for Monday

Physics Week Ahead: 9/17-9/21


We will continue our study of kinematics this week. You should expect a test over this unit next Tuesday, and then we will study free fall acceleration on our way to projectile motion.

Monday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Lab:The Domino Effect: Hypothesis/Procedure Development
HW: 1-D Motion Problems and/or unfinished 2C/2D problems

Tuesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Lab: The Domino Effect
HW: complete necessary lab questions (Lab is due Thursday 9/20)

Wednesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Lab: The Domino Effect
HW: Part 1: Graphing Motion Playlist watch the two videos and take notes. Title each video separately in your notes.
Part 2: Graphing Motion Notes. Complete the lesson check at the end of the reading. This can also be used as notes to accompany the video. Both the playlist and notes handout cover the information.

Thursday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Discussion Graphing Motion
Guided Practice: MOPS: Describing Motion Graphically and Graphing Summary
HW: MOPS: Interpreting Velocity-Time Graphs

Friday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Lab Quiz: The Domino Effect
HW: Freefall Complete Playlist videos on Free Fall and chapter notes

Anatomy Week Ahead: 9/17-9/21


The next two weeks we will do a quick overview of the organ systems and organ transplantation. You will also try your hand at your first dissection at the end of the week. This is a short unit, so we will test next week.
**Remember your Organ System sketch-note and cell phone assignment are due to me before enrichment on Monday, so I can make copies for everyone.

EXTRA PROBLEMS for the last test will be Wednesday morning at 7:40 in my room.

Study Materials for extra practice:
Organ System Practice on your own
System Graphic Organizer *this is a different one from class.

Monday: Topics: Organ Systems
Activities: Science Appetizer: Organ system GO
Lecture/Discussion Organ Systems
HW: Internet Transplant Drug research worksheet

Tuesday: Topics: Organ Systems
Activities: Science Appetizer: Organ system matching practice
Lecture/Discussion Organ Systems
HW: Watch and take notes over each video on organ transplant and rejection. The last video has a ton of good information in it, therefore your notes should be fairly extensive for this particular video. Lastly, you do not need to take notes over the video on the little boy. Organ Transplant Playlist NOTES DUE MONDAY 9/24

Wednesday: Topics: Organ Systems
Activities: Organ system practice games: Organ matching games, Pin the Organ on the body, Dominoes
HW: Rat Pre-lab

Thursday: Topics: Identify the organs located in the rat
Activities: Lab: Rat dissection
HW: Prepare organ location/function quiz

Friday: Topics: Organ Systems
Activities: Application Quiz: Organ location and system functions/structures
Read/Question: What is Histocompatibility Article and
Biology Matters: Organ Transplant
Article Questions
(due Monday 9/24)

Honors Physics Week Ahead: 9/10-9/14


This week we will begin our discussion of kinematics. Make sure you have the video notes assignment from Friday completed for class on Monday. Make sure you have equations, definitions, SI units, and other pertinent examples.

Extra Problems for the Scientific Method test will be Wednesday morning at 7:40AM. You must be in my room by 7:40AM. If you want to see what you missed come by my room in between classes, enrichment, or before school to look over your test.

Monday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Position
Guided Practice: PG 42 #1, #2, #4, #6 PG 47 #2 #4
HW: Problems textbook

Tuesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Discussion: Q&A: PG 42 #1, #2, #4, #6 PG 47 #2 & #4
Guided Practice: Practice 2A:Average Velocity
HW: unfinished problems

Wednesday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Table Talk: Practice 2B: Average Acceleration#1-6 plus bonus
HW: Unfinished problems and MOPS: Acceleration #1-9

Thursday: Topics: Kinematics
Activities: Comprehension Quiz Velocity and Acceleration
HW: Textbook Notes pg 52-56

Friday: Topics: Final velocity and displacement using acceleration
Activities: Q&A: Comp Quiz: Velocity and Acceleration
2C/2D: Velocity and Displacement with a Constant Acceleration
HW: Unfinished problems

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/10-9/14


We will wrap up our intro to Anatomy and review of Biology this week with a test on Thursday. Next week we start an overview of the organ systems and you will have your first dissection as well. If you have not gotten gloves for class, this would be a good time to get a box.

Monday: Topics: Karyotypes
Activities: Lecture/Discussion:Karyotypes
Pre-lab instructions
HW: Read/Complete Prelab Karyotype Lab **PRINT THE DENVER SHEET FOR CLASS

Tuesday: Topics: Create a human karyotype.
Analyze the karyotype for genetic disorders.
Activities: Karyotyping Lab
HW: Study Karyotype Quiz and Cell Organelle graphic organizer (passed out in class)

Wednesday: Topics: Karyotype Assessment
Activities: Lab Application Quiz: Karyotypes
HW: prepare Test Unit one

Thursday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of unit 1 concepts
Activities: Test unit 1
HW: Bring structures/functions of your system to class on Friday. Write your answers on paper for me to look over before you start the assignment for the notes

Friday: Topics: Organ Sytems
Activities: Pre-Assessment Graphic Organizer
Lecture/Discussion Organ Systems Sketch Notes assignment
Organ System Sketch Notes
Organ Cell Phone Assignment

Honors PHYSICS Week Ahead: 9/3-9/7


This week we will wrap up our discussion of the Scientific Method with a review of Dimensional Analysis. We will test on Friday. If you are going to be gone, let me know so you can take the test before you leave.
*DON’T FORGET due TUESDAY at the beginning of your class period Mt. Everest application assignment

Monday: Holiday Whoop! Whoop!

Tuesday: Topics: Measurement/Dimensional Analysis
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q&A over Mt. Everest investigation
Lecture/Discussion: Dimensional Analysis
HW: Complete PG 14 #1-5

Wednesday: Topics: Dimensional analysis
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q&A over PG 14
HW: Practice 1A

Thursday: Topics: Scientific Method/dimensional Analysis
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q&A: Practice 1A
Quick Pick Review
HW: Prepare for test: Scientific Method and Dimensional Analysis

Friday: Topics: Scientific Method/dimensional Analysis
Activities: Exam: Scientific Method/Dimensional Analysis
HW: Notes: Velocity, Acceleration from video due Monday
Kinematic Video

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/3-9/7


This week we will review DNA structure as well as replication, transcription, and translation. You will extract DNA from wheat germ  on Friday. Next week we will have our first test! Last week I posted a Biology Review playlist you might find helpful also.
Don’t forget your DNA structure and replication worksheets are due Tuesday.

Monday: Holiday WHOOP WHOOP!

Tuesday: Topic: DNA structure and function
Activities: Science Appetizer: Cell Organelle Quick Match
Lecture/Discussion DNA
Individual work: create a visual model of Replication, Transcription, and Translation
HW: Complete Transcription notes handouts (passed out in class)

Wednesday:Topics: DNA Transcription
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Transcription (Q&A over notes)
Individual work: create a visual model of Replication, Transcription, and Translation
HW: Complete Translation notes handouts (passed out in class)

Thursday: Topics: DNA Translation
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Translation (Q&A over notes)
Individual work: create a visual model of Replication, Transcription, and Translation
HW: Read DNA Extraction Lab

Friday: Topic: Extract a visible mass of DNA
Activities: Lab: DNA Extraction
HW: Read Article: Testing in Utero
Complete DNA DNA Post Lab Questions

Want to get AHEAD?? Read Lab and complete pre-lab questions on separate paper Karyotyping with Ideograms (Print Denver Sheet for class) DUE Tuesday 9/11

Honors PHYSICS Week Ahead: 8/27-8/31


This week we will review Scientific Method, theory and hypotheses. You will have a lab on Thursday, I think you will find interesting and on Friday you will view experiments performed on Mt. Everest to apply the concepts and skills you did learned this week.
**Don’t forget to have your Scientific Method notes ready for class on Monday. Look back to last week for Friday’s homework assignment.

Monday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Investigative Procedures: Scientific Method
Individual Practice: Experimental Parts
HW: unfinished portions of Experimental Parts handout
Class Sign off sheet

Tuesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Hypothesis vs. Theory
Think Pair Share: Lesson Check: Hypotheses vs. Theories
Prelab: Take the M out of M&M
HW: Bring M&M lab hypothesis to class

Wednesday: Activities: Science Appetizer: Science Appetizer: Hypothesis vs. Theory
Q&A: Review Lab hypotheses
Group Work: Collaborate on lab procedure for the removal of the “M” from an M&M
HW: Using Investigative Procedures (you can complete this on your own paper)

Thursday: Activities: Lab: Take the M out of M&M
HW: Complete Post lab analysis if necessary due Friday

Friday: Activities: Science Appetizer: Mt. Everest: Fast Facts **Bring earbuds
Discussion: Fast Facts on Mt. Everest
Individual Work: Boiling Water on Mt. Everest (application grade)
Water Boiling at Mt. Everest

HW: unfinished portions of the Everest activity from class

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 8/27-8/31


This week we will begin a review of characteristics of life, cell organelle and membrane transport mechanisms. On Friday, you will have a comprehension quiz over the terminology, directions, planes, and regions. Early in the week you have very little homework, so spend some time each night reviewing those concepts for Friday. Next week we will look at DNA and Karyotypes.

Monday: Activities: Q&A: Term Packet
Lecture/Discussion Biology Review:Biology Review Notes Handout and Homeostasis notes
HW: Jane Doe practice
**Cell organelle notes due Tuesday

Tuesday: Activities: Discussion: Cell Organelles
Partner Practice: Cellville
HW: Complete Part 1 of Case Study

Wednesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Cell membranes and transport
Lab: Case Study: “From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Diffusion and Osmosis” Complete Part 2
HW: Prepare for Comp Quiz Anatomical Terminology Playlist
**2 good review videos

Thursday: Activities: Lab: Case Study:“From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Diffusion and Osmosis”
Complete Post experiment analysis and Part III (omit Part IV)
HW: prepare for terminology, directions, planes, and regions comp quiz

Friday: Activities: Comprehension Quiz: Regions, planes, terms
Discussion: Medical Branches
HW: DNA Notes handout (passed out in class)
Playlist videos for DNA and Biology Review
**This is a good review of the topics we discussed this week and for topics coming up next week. It is up to you if you want to take actual notes, but worth watching to review.

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