HP Week Ahead: 8/19-8/23


This week we will review lab safety and equipment as well as symbols. On Friday, we will take a comprehension quiz over our review of the material. I have linked a review of equipment and symbols for you to study. You can print the papers or just reference them as needed.

Lab Equipment Review

Safety Symbols

Monday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Science Appetizer: Finish Syllabus discussion
Discussion Lab Safety and room description
Lab: Safety Task Cards Task Cards Answer Form (print this if you want but I’ll have copies too)
HW: Lab Equipment Crossword #1and #2 (passed out in class)

Tuesday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Q&A: Equipment Crosswords
Lab: Safety Task Cards: Lab safety and equipment

Wednesday: Topics: Technology sign up
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q&A: Lab Task Cards
Individual Work: Sign up for TED ED account Getting Tech Ready
Complete Ted Ed activity and submit
HW: Complete Ted Ed activity by 8:00 AM Thursday morning if necessary

Thursday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Science Appetizer: Safety Symbols and Scenarios
Practice/Discussion:Safety Questions
HW: Prepare for safety comprehension quiz

Friday: Topics: Lab Safety, Symbols, and Equipment
Activities: Comprehension Quiz Lab Safety
Q&A: Safety Quiz
HW: Notes over Investigative Procedures Watch Scientific Method Video or read article Investigative Procedures (Do not answer the lesson check questions)

Anatomy Week Ahead:8/19-8/23


This week we will review cell organelles, membrane transport mechanisms, and homeostasis. Look ahead and see when things are happening, so you know what you need to have ready. If you do not have a printer that is ok, just complete your work on regular paper. You guys did great on the Microscope lab Friday, so don’t forget to review parts and functions, magnification, and how to locate a specimen for your lab quiz.

Diagrams and Playlists for this week:
Homeostasis Diagram
Biology and DNA Playlist

Monday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of microscopy
Activities: Microscope Application Quiz
Q&A: Safety
HW: Cell Organelle Notes Handout and notes over video #1 on Playlist (City of Animal Cells) due Wed 8/21

Tuesday: Topic: Characteristics and maintenance of life, Homeostasis
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Biology Review notes Handout
Homeostasis Notes
HW: Complete Part 1 of Case Study and video notes over #2 (In Da Club: Membranes & Transport) Due Thursday

Wednesday: Topic: Cell organelles
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Cell Organelles
Partner Practice: Cell-ville (passed out in class)
HW: Complete Cell Organelle Graphic Organizer

Thursday: Topic: Plasma membrane and Cellular Transport
Activities:Science Appetizer: Q&A: Cell Organelle GO
Lecture/Discussion: Cell membranes and transport
Lab: Case Study: “From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks”Complete Part 2
HW: Read/Answer questions over Chicago Cyanide Murders

Friday: Topics: Plasma membrane and Cellular Transport
Activities: Science Appetizer: Cell Organelle Circle Practice
Lab: Case Study:“From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Diffusion and Osmosis”
(Post experiment analysis and Part III)
HW: Video Notes DNA Playlist (videos #3 – #5)

Honors Physics: Week Ahead 8/15-8/16


Welcome Back!

Thursday: Topics: Learning Styles Quiz and Explanation
Activities: Learning Style quiz and discussion
HW: Get papers signed by 8/20 and complete Top 10 list

Friday: Topics: Class Introduction/Procedures
Activities: Top 10 list, Course Syllabus, Expectations
HW: Get papers signed by 8/20

Week Ahead Anatomy: 8/15-8/16


Thursday: Topics: Anatomical Terminology, Planes and Directions
Activities: Application Quiz: Anatomical Terminology, Planes and Directions
HW: Read Parts A & B and Complete Diagram of Microscope in Microscopy Lab
Get paperwork signed

Friday: Topics: Topic: Microscopy
Activities: Lab: Microscopy
HW: Complete unfinished portions of the lab and Microscope Crossword puzzle (passed out in class on Thurs)
Prepare for Microscope application quiz for Monday
Get papers signed if needed.

Honors Physics and Anatomy Class Supplies


Anatomy and Physiology:
Loose leaf paper or a large spiral notebook
Folder or notebook for class handouts
1 box of 100 disposable gloves for their dissections
3-4 rolls of paper towels (inexpensive is Fine!)

Honors Physics:
Loose leaf paper or a large spiral notebook
Folder or notebook for class handouts
3-4 rolls of paper towels (inexpensive is Fine!)



AP Summer Assignment


The summer assignment is posted below and the content you will be assessed over on the first day of school. I suggest starting on it early and review a little bit each week (flash cards and study groups are helpful). You are responsible for all the content listed below and the content in the attached packet.

Summer Letter

Language of Anatomy Reading

Anatomcal Language Notes handout

Medical Branches

Additional Body Regions

Anatomical Orientation and Terminology Packet

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