I know some of your cried when you heard school was cancelled because you were missing tests and a competitive game of Grudge Match!!!! Here’s what we are going to do. On Monday during then study hall period from 7:55-9:15 you have the option to come in and take the Newton’s Laws test or Integumentary test to improve your grade. If you do not choose to come in that’s fine, but your grade will stand after I put in the one more lab for Physics and one more daily assignment for A&P. I will add the Extra Problem points scheduled for both classes on Friday to one of your previous tests (I hope your are smiling right now). I will do my best to get both of those assignments in by Saturday so you can see your grade and make decisions for Monday. I will be at school at 7:30 if you need to start earlier because you have another test to take in another course. You will have the normal 45 minutes to complete the test. I hope this helps you out.
The smile you make when your teacher gives you extra points cause everyone’s got the flu

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