UPDATE PHYSICS Week Ahead: 1/15-1/19 AND 1/22-1/26


This week we will wrap up our discussion of Work and Energy and move on to learning about Momentum and Impulse. We are moving right along and you have started the semester well. Keep it UP!!!!

Thursday:Topics: Work and Work-Energy Theorem
Activities: Q&A: Comprehension Quiz: Work-Energy Theorem
Think Tank: Practice Problems 5A
HW: complete unfinished problems

Friday:Topics: Work and Work-Energy Theorem
Activities: Q&A: Work, Energy, Power Review
HW: Prepare for test


Monday: Topics: Work and Work-Energy Theorem
Activities: Test: Work, Energy and Work-Energy Theorem

Tuesday: Momentum/Impulse
Activities: Individual Work: Chapter Reading Ch 6/ Momentum Playlist notes
Complete the Momentum/Impulse/Conservation of Momentum portions for Wednesday 1/24 (PG 192-204)
Complete the Collisions portions for Monday 1/29 (206-214)
HW: unfinished work

Wednesday: Topics: Momentum/Impulse
Activities: Science Appetizer: Cartoon Physics: Momentum/Impulse
Lecture/Discussion: Momentum/Impulse and Conservation of Momentum/Collisions
Guided Practice: Momentum Set 1 Complete Numbers 7-11
HW: Complete unfinished problems

Thursday: Topics: Momentum/Impulse (Elaborate) TEKS: 6C, 6D, 1A-B, 2A-L, 3A-F
Activities: Q&A: Momentum Set 1
MOPS: Momentum, Impulse, and Momentum Change
HW:Momentum/Impulse Problems #1-6

Friday: Topics: Momentum/Impulse
Activities: Lab: Basketball Blaster
HW: Complete analysis questions

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