PHYSICS Week Ahead: 3/26-3/30


This week we will finish up Rotational Dynamics and start studying Kinetic Theory. The spring semester is flying by! Make sure you are planning with me how to makeup your assignments when you are out of school. You are still expected to be ready with your assignments when you return unless we have made arrangements. We will finish up this week with the Mousetrap Lab Challenge. You will be designing and building a mousetrap car to go the distance!

**DUE MONDAY Rotational Dynamics Review from last FRIDAY!

Extra Problems for the test this week will be after the Easter holiday, so I can get them graded and you can have a chance to come in and look over your test.

Monday: Rotational Dynamics
Activities: Q&A: Rotational Dynamics Review
Mini Challenge: The Science of Bottle Flipping
HW: prepare for test Rotational Dynamics

Tuesday: Rotational Dynamics
Activities: Test Ch 8
HW: Complete Section 1 of notes on Kinetic Theory and watch playlist (first 4 videos)
Kinetic Theory Notes
Kinetic Theory Reading
Kinetic Theory Playlist
DUE Wednesday

Wednesday: Topics: Kinetic Theory
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Kinetic Theory
Guided Practice: Temperature conversions
HW: Book PG 305 #1-5
Complete Section 2 of Notes and specific heat video on playlist (#6-8) due Thursday

Thursday: Rotational Dynamics
Activities: Introduce: Lab Challenge: MOUSETRAP CARS
HW: Work on Mousetrap project
Watch “Kelvin- Sixty Symbols” video on playlist and take notes over it

Friday: Holiday

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