UPDATE PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/2-4/6


UPDATE: Since several of you are missing for the ACT Tuesday, we will switch the lab to Wednesday, and complete the Pressure Lecture on Tuesday. I have linked my Prezi below. You should make sure you have the notes and problems for Section 3 completed to turn in on Thursday. I know some of you will be gone Thursday, so you need to get with me about your quiz and to pick up the reading handout before you leave.
Prelab Questions and Specific Problems due Wednesday (review Monday’s assignments)
Last thing, if you are taking the ACT and you have completed the problems and/or the pre-lab questions, bring them by my room after the ACT before you leave and I’ll give you some extra credit points. Obviously, I’m going to check your work, so if you slacked off and copy someone else’s work I will be able to tell. Several of you came by and chatted with me about completing your missed assignments, several of you did not šŸ™

We will continue to study kinetic theory of temperature and look at specific heat and pressure. Make sure you are aware of upcoming deadlines for your Mousetrap Car Project. You can turn in your assignment early. If you know you are going to be gone make sure you have your assignments turned in by those dates otherwise it is late and points will be deducted.

**Extra Problems Rotational Dynamics Test Wednesday 7:40AM

***Make sure you have watched the “Kelvin” video on the playlist and take notes over it.

Mousetrap car Deadlines: Mousetrap Introduction ā€œResearch and Reasoningā€: April 9th
Mousetrap Blueprints: April 9th
Documentation of Build: April 10th
Mousetrap car: April 10th
Trials day will be April 11th and 12th
Mousetrap lab report: April 13th
In Class Conclusion: April 13th

Monday: Topics: Kinetic Theory/Specific Heat Capacity
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Specific Heat Capacity
Guided Practice: Problems: Temperature, Specific Heat and Pressure#1-12 (omit #11-12)
HW: Complete unfinished problems
Complete Pre-lab sections of The Drinking Bird

Tuesday: Topics: Kinetic Theory
Activities: Science Appetizer: Pressure Demos
Lecture/Discussion: Pressure/Latent Heat
HW: Complete problems PG 321 #3 & 6
Make sure you have completed the Prelab questions and the problems for MONDAY night! They are due when you come to class Wednesday

Wednesday: Topics: Kinetic Theory
Activities: Lab: The Drinking Bird
HW: Unfinished lab questions (due on Thursday)
Make sure you look over Section 3 notes if you were gone on Tuesday, you have the questions and I have linked my prezi here as well: Kinetic Theory of Temperature Prezi

Thursday: Topics: Kinetic Theory/Specific Heat Capacity
Activities: Comprehension Quiz: Kinetic Theory of Temperature, Specific Heat, Pressure
Complete Reading and Handout over Methods of Heat Transfer (handout/PG 310-311 book)
HW: Any unfinished problems

Friday: Topics: Kinetic Theory/Specific Heat Capacity
Activities: Pressure Concept Problems
HW: Any unfinished problems

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