HP Week Ahead: 4/15-4/19


Hey guys I am going to be out the rest of the week. You will have an opportunity to do extra problems for your temperature test from last week on Wednesday. Look ahead to Wednesday for instructions. The test on Thursday will be over wave properties and interactions. None of the Sound assignments from this week will be on this test. Just make sure you have turned in those assignments to the box. Just like always you will have an equation table for the test.

Monday: Topics: Sound and Light
Activities: Complete Sound Notes and Playlist
Sound Playlist
Sound Notes Handout

Tuesday: Topics: Topics: Waves: Sound and Light
Activities: Quick Pick: MOPS: The Nature of Sound and Properties of Sound
Discussion/Demos: Sound
HW: Problems 13A

Wednesday: Topics: Waves: Sound and Light
Activities:Complete Extra Problems for your Temperature test Extra Problems Temperature. You may use your notes for the equations. Once you complete the questions turn them into the box. Make sure you name is on your paper.
HW: Prepare for Wave test

Thursday: Topics: Waves: Sound and Light
Activities: Test Wave Properties

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