AP Week Ahead: Lock-down lesson set 2


Hey guys, I know all of you have finished the skeletal and muscular diagrams I posted last week because you are sweet sweet seniors! I have posted a few things for you to practice on for the skeletal system. There is a packet to complete to practice identifying the bones and markings by description. Look at my notes below, I have eliminated some sections. Take a look at the bone practice quizzes document. There are links that will lead you to practice quizzes. It is a two page document so keep scrolling down. I have also link to notes for the skeletal system on the microscopic structure and anatomy of the long bone.
**Remember you can pick up a hard copy from Mrs. Jennings at the HS. ALL the copies are there except the practice quiz document for obvious reasons.

Skeletal System Notes Slides
Bones Practice Quizzes
Long Bone Anatomy Diagram
Microscopic Anatomy of Long Bone
Bone Practice Packet **You don’t need to color unless that helps you remember.
OMIT Sections: 5 6 11 13 16 17 19 22 23

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