Honors Physics: 10/22-10/26


This week we will study vectors. This unit will lead into our next unit of kinematics. Projectile motion. I know some of you are going to be gone on Tuesday and I will be gone Monday. You will have time in class to complete the NBC Learn activity titled “Vectors”. This assignment is to help with your understanding of vectors and supplement the notes handout you did over the weekend. The assignment is due Wednesday, when you come to class.

**You will turn in your Vector notes handout on Monday, look back to last Thursday for the assignment.

Monday/Tuesday: Activities: Complete NBC Learn: Vectors Assignment

Wednesday: Topics: Projectile Motion/Vectors
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Vectors
Guided Practice: PG 89 #1-3 and PG 92 #1-4
HW: unfinished problems

Thursday: Topics: Projectile Motion/Vectors
Activities: Q/A: Vectors Textbook Questions
Guided Practice: Vectors Set 1
HW: unfinished problems

Friday: Topics: Projectile Motion/Vectors
Activities: Q/A: Vectors Problems #1
Guided Practice: Vectors Set Set 2
HW: unfinished problems

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 10/22-10/27


We will start this marking period, studying the lymphatic and immune systems. During this unit we will apply the concepts and related topics of the immune and lymphatic systems to our study of HIV, Smallpox, and Meningitis. You will also have an opportunity to practice a simulated clinical test, ELISA.
Study Material:
Immune System Response Diagram
Immune System GO
Immune System Playlist

Monday: Topics: Observe slides of immune system cells
Activities: Lab: Immunity Slides
HW: Read: “Life in a Germ-Free Bubble” and Complete Say-Mean-Matter Table Say Mean Matter

Tuesday: Topics:
Activities: Watch the following Ted Ed videos and summit your answers
1. Why do we Harvest Horseshoe crab Blood? (you do not need to do anything in the Digging Deeper section, except look over the links. *Make sure you respond to the Discussion Question)
2. How we Conquered Smallpox (Look over the Digging Deeper Section, there is good info for a Case Study we will do later)
3. How to Eradicate a Disease (Look over the Digging Deeper Section, good info)
**Due Wednesday by 8:00AM

Wednesday: Topics: Describe and identify structure/function of Lymphatic system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Organs of the lymphatic system
HW: Pre-Lab Complete parts 1 & 2 (questions #1-4)

Thursday: Topics: Immune System Functions and cells
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Immune System Cells/Responses
HW: Pre-lab Complete parts 1 & 2 (questions #1-4)

Friday: Topics: Disease Diagnosis
Activities: Lab: Disease Detectives
HW: Complete post lab analysis questions

Anatomy and Physiology Week Ahead: 10/15-10/19


We will wrap up our discuss of disease mechanisms and move on to the immune system and lymphatic systems. During the next unit we will look at meningitis and HIV as well as how are body defends against foreign antigens.
***Extra Problems for the test will be Thursday morning at 7:40 in my room

Monday: Topics: Cancer
Activities: Case Study: A Cure for Cancer Q&A: Part 1 & 2
Jigsaw Part 3: Treatments Expert Groups presentations

Tuesday: Cancer
Activities: Finish Cancer Case Study as needed

Wednesday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of Disease Mechanisms
Activities: Test: Disease Mechanisms
HW: Complete Lymphatic System Notes due Thursday at beginning of class (handwritten)

Thursday: Topics: Lymphatic and Immune System
Activities:Immune System Notes (handwritten)
HW: unfinished portions of notes due Tuesday 10/23

Friday: Student Holiday

Honors Physics Week Ahead: 10/15-10/19


The past couple of weeks we have talked about “little g” now we will discuss “Big G” or most notably known as one of the best “prom-posals” for science people. This one will really up your chances of snagging the love of your life!
***Extra Problems for Free Fall Test is Tuesday morning at 7:40AM in my room. You can come by and look at your test on your own time.

****Make sure you have completed the Universal Gravitation notes and “Say-Mean-Matter” Assignment (use article passed out in class) both are due when you come to class Monday

Monday: Topic: Gravitational Forces
Activities: Discussion: Law of Universal Gravitation
Guided Practice: Universal Gravitation Set 1
HW: Set 1 problems

Tuesday: Topic: Gravitational Force
Activities: MOPS: Inverse Square (#1-9) and Universal Gravitation  (#1-11 #12 first three rows & #14-20)
HW: Unfinished problems

Wednesday: Topic: Gravitational Force
Activities: Universal Gravitation Problem Set 2
HW: complete unfinished problems/Prepare for Universal Gravitation Daily Quiz

Thursday: Topic: Gravitational Force
Activities: Comprehension Quiz: Universal Gravitation
HW:Complete Vector Notes Handout due Monday 10/22


ANATOMY Week Ahead: 10/8-10/12


This week we will discuss Ebola and Cancer in our study of disease mechanisms. We are looking at the last test for this grading period next Wednesday 10/17. Look ahead at the assignments for the week and plan your week accordingly so you have plenty of time to complete your work.
It would be helpful for you to watch these videos on EBOLA before you start the case study. You do not have to take notes over them, but you will be responsible for the content.
Background Info: EBOLA Playlist
**Don’t for get to have Parts 1-3 completed for Monday. These should be handwritten and on paper you can turn in.

Monday:Topics: Case Study The Ebola Wars
Activities: Discussion: Case Study: “The Ebola Wars: General Edition Parts 1-3
Think-Pair-Share: Part IV of Case Study
HW: Complete Parts 4- of Advanced Case Study (copy and pass out)

Tuesday:Topics: Elaborate Case Study The Ebola Wars
Activities: Discussion: Case Study: “The Ebola Wars: Advanced Edition Parts 4-5
Think-Pair-Share: Complete Part 5
HW: Complete Part 5: Treatment and Review Case Study for application quiz

Wednesday: Topics: Cancer
Activities: Individual complete Cancer Notes Assignment
HW: unfinished portions of cancer notes assignments

Thursday: Topics: Cancer
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Cancer
HW: Complete Part 1 and 2 Case Study “A Cure for Cancer”

Friday: Topics: Assessment/Cancer Treatments
Activities: Application Quiz: “The Ebola Wars”
Jigsaw Part 3: Treatments
HW: Compete Part 4

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