UPDATE Anatomy Week Ahead: 1/15-1/19 and 1/22-1/26


SHARK WEEK: This week we will use the menstrual cycle to model the cyclic nature of the endocrine system. We are moving along quickly.

**Look ahead. You will need to read through the lab and graph your data ahead of time. You just need to graph your data and draw your line. You may put all three different hormones on one graph just use different colors for your lines. The data is due Monday when you come to class.

UN Students make sure you have all data from the lab completed when you come to class on Monday. You may turn in analysis questions on Tuesday.

Reminder: Flashcards due Friday!!!! look back to last week for the assignment

Thursday: Topics: Identify hormones associated with the pineal gland, thymus.
Identify hormones associated with male and female reproductive system
Activities: Individual Research: Complete Notes Section: Gonads (299-300 and 518-520) for Thursday
Graph data for Menstrual Lab Data
Menstrual Cycle Handout
HW: Make sure you have graph data complete

Friday: Topics: Analyze changes in hormone levels during menstrual cycle.
Activities: Lab: Menstrual Cycle: Analysis of data
HW: Complete graphs for Discussion Monday/Tuesday


Monday: Topics: Identify hormones associated with male and female reproductive system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Ovaries/Testes (299-300 and 518-520)
Menstrual Cycle Handout
HW: Complete Notes Section: Adrenal Gland, Pineal Gland, Thymus, (296-299) due Wednesday
Complete lab analysis questions for Tuesday LAB ANALYSIS QUESTIONS

Tuesday: Topics: Analyze changes in hormone levels during menstrual cycle.
Activities: Lab: Menstrual Cycle: Discussion of analysis and data collection
HW: look ahead and make sure you have notes ready and Menstrual Lab Quiz will be 1/26

Wednesday: Topics: Identify hormones associated with the pineal gland, thymus.
Identify hormones associated with male and female reproductive system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Adrenal Gland, Pineal Gland, Thymus, (296-299)
HW: Prepare for Menstrual lab Quiz

Thursday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of menstrual cycle lab and its application to hormone control.
Activities: Menstrual Lab Questions Application Quiz
Complete Endocrine Graphic Organizer
Individual Reading over Pancreatic Islets
HW: Complete notes section 294-296 and Diabetes Information due Monday 1/29 This is an excellent source on Diabetes. You will be responsible for the content

Friday:Topics: Cell-to-Cell Communication
Create a model to illustrate cell communication.
Apply cell model to understand cell communication involved in blood sugar regulation.
Activities: Lab: Cell to Cell Communication
Endo Dominoes Practice
HW: Pancreatic Islet notes

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 1/4-1/5 and 1/8-1/12


Welcome Back! We will kick off this semester with a discussion of the endocrine system and its related organs and disorders. I have include the complete notes handout for the unit. You will notice I have posted which sections of the notes are due ahead of time. You should have the section completed on the assigned day so you can participate fully in the class discussions and activities. I have also included some study diagrams that will be used in class. To start the semester we will learn some suturing techniques and then start the endocrine system on Monday. Make sure you have the appropriate notes section completed for Monday discussion.

*** For Thursday bring to class an old sock you can cut up and an empty plastic bottle about the size of a water bottle or sports drink.

Endocrine Notes handout: Endo Notes

Endocrine Playlist: These are good videos to get you started especially if you have no to very little background knowledge on the endocrine system. Watch them as a preview to your reading or as a review at the end. Either way, make sure you WATCH them!!!!!

Endocrine Flashcards: Flashcards (DUE Jan 19)

Study Guides: Endocrine Organs
Peptide Mechanism
Steroid Mechanism
Thyroxine Mechanism

Week of 1/4-1/5
Thursday/Friday: Topics: Suturing Techniques
Activities: Lab: Practicing suturing Techniques
Day 1: Plastic Bottle
Day 2: Chicken thighs
HW: Complete endocrine notes as needed

Week of 1/8-1/12

Monday: Topics: Endocrine organs and mechanisms
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: General Endocrine characteristics (280-283)
HW: Complete Case Study: Diabetes Insipidus (1-11)

Tuesday:Topics: Trophic Hormones
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Trophic Hormones (284-287)
HW: Complete Case Study questions 1-11

Wednesday: Diabetes Insipidus
Activities: Case Study: A Case of Diabetes Insipidus
HW: Case Study: Thyroid Troubles complete reading and Parts 1 & 2 (due Thursday start of class)
**View Video Endocrine System Part 2 on playlist to help you get started with this case study

Thursday: Topics: Thyroid Hormones
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Case Study: Thyroid Troubles (Part 1 & 2) and
Thyroid, Calcitonin and Adrenal Glands (287-294)

Friday: Topics: Thyroid Disease
Activities: Case Study: Thyroid Troubles: A Case Study in Negative Feedback Regulation
Discuss and complete in peer groups sections 3-5
HW: Complete Section Notes 296-299 Pineal Gland and Thymus

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/25-9/29


We will spend this week discussing the organ transplant process and debunk some myths about organ donation. We will also discuss your responses to the ethics case for this unit. You guys are brutal! The kidney donor lab will allow you to analyze clinical test results and apply your knowledge of organ transplant requirements to find the appropriate donor for a recipient. We will finish up the week with an application quiz over the organ systems (structures, functions, and location). Friday you will start the Autopsy lab with real cases that presented at a hospital. I have include some practice sheets for you below.

Practice sheets: Organ System Graphic Organizer

Organ Diagram and Answer key

Monday/Tuesday: Topics: Organ Donation and Transplant process
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Organ Donation Fast Facts
HW: Read Kidney Donor lab for Wednesday

Wednesday: Topics: Organ donation and Transplant Process
Activities: Lab: Kidney Donor
HW: Complete necessary portions of lab and prepare for lab quiz on Thursday

Thursday: Topics: Organ Donation and Transplant Process
Activities: Lab Quiz Kidney Donor (Application)
Organ matching games: Organs System matching and Pin the Organ on the body
HW: Autopsy Vocab and prepare for quiz

Friday: Topics: Lab: Autopsy Cases
Activities: Application Quiz: Organ location and system functions/structures
Lab: Virtual Autopsy Cases

UPDATE ANATOMY Week Ahead: 9/18-9/22


This week we will begin our quick review of the organ systems. We will discuss structures, functions, organ transplant, and you will get the opportunity to do an autopsy virtual lab involving real medical cases. Lastly, you will complete your first dissection of the beloved RAT!

Extra Problems for the Unit 1 Test will be Tuesday at 7:40AM in my room. You must be in the room before 7:40AM or you will not be allowed into the room. I would encourage everyone regardless of your test grade to do the extra problems. Every extra point matters in the long run.

**UPDATE: our discussion of the organ systems is taking a little longer because of your questions and our discussion in class. We will finish up on Wednesday. Look at the change for the end of the week. We will do the autopsy virtual lab next week.

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Topics: Organ Systems
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Organ Systems
HW: Internet Transplantation Drug research Worksheet (Due Tuesday)

Thursday: Topics: Identify organ system function and organs
Activities: Pin the Organ on the body and Organ System Matching Game
Assign Virtual Autopsy Vocab
HW: Virtual Autopsy Vocab (DUE Friday 9/29)
Read Dissection lab

Friday: Topics Rat dissection and organ location Virtual Rat Lab: Step 6/7 apply to us
Activities: Lab: Rat Dissection
HW: Read/Complete Question Biology Matters: Organ Transplants and Read/Ques See What is…? HistoCompatibility articles Questions Article 1 and Article 2
Prepare organ location/function quiz

**Lab Quiz over the Rat Anatomy on Monday 9/25

Anatomy Week Ahead: 9/4-9/8


This week we will review DNA and learn about Karyotypes and their diagnostic ability.
Coming up 9/14 Test over unit 1. Here is a review to help you get organized Unit 1 Review

**Video notes over videos #3,4,5,6 from the playlist posted on Friday are due Tuesday!

DNA Review

Monday: Holiday WHOOP WHOOP

Tuesday: Topic: Demonstrate understanding of regions of the body
Activities: Quiz Regions, planes, terms
HW: Notes DNA videos

Wednesday: Topic: DNA structure, function, protein synthesis
Activities: Lecture/Discussion DNA
HW: Read DNA Lab

Thursday:Topic: Extract a visible mass of DNA
Activities: DNA Extraction Lab DNA Lab Questions
HW: Article: Testing in Utero/Lab Post Lab questions

Friday: Topics: Describe how nondisjunction can result in trisomy or monosomy.
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Nondisjuntion disorders
HW: Read Karyotype Prelab MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!!!

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 8/28-9/1


We are going to discuss a quick review of Biology concepts related to Anatomy to start the week with a recap of characteristics of life, cell organelles and cell membranes. Next week, DNA and Karyotypes.

Make sure you looked back at Friday’s homework assignment. You should complete the cell organelle notes by identifying each organelle’s function and a little about their structure. This assignment is due Wednesday for discussion.

Here is a good video to review the Anatomical Terms: Anatomical Terms Playlist This quiz will be Tuesday 9/5

Monday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of microscopy
Activities: Microscope Application Quiz
Q&A: Term Packet
HW: Cell organelle wksheet due Wednesday
Medical Branches due Friday

Tuesday: Topic: Structural Organization, Homeostasis and Characteristics of life
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Biology Review Notes handout, Homeostasis Handout and Feedback loop examples
HW: Jane Doe practice

Wednesday: Topic:Cell Organelle structure and function
Activities: Teacher –directed review of cell organelles
Cell-ville (passed out in class)
HW: Complete Part 1 of Case Study

Thursday: Topic: Principals of membrane transport mechanisms
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Cell membranes and transport
Case Study:“From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Osmosis and Diffusion” (lab)
HW: Medical branches due Friday

Friday: Topic: Principals of membrane transport mechanisms
Activities: Case Study:“From Gummy Bears to Celery Stalks: Diffusion and Osmosis”
Egg Demo
HW: Watch/take notes over videos (#3,4,5,6) from Biology Review Playlist that involve DNA structure/function and processes
Biology Review

ANATOMY Week AHEAD: 8/17-8/18 and 8/21-8/25


Thursday/Friday: Topics: Class Introduction/Procedures
Activities: Course Syllabus, Expectation, Personal Information Sheet
HW: Signed Class Information sheet due 8/24

Review Material for Safety Quiz: Comprehension quiz will be over equipment rules, and symbols
Lab Equipment
Safety Symbols

**Review Playlist: This might help with the new terms, directions, and cavities you will learn this weekAnatomical Terms

Monday: Topics: Lab Safety and Equipment
Activities: Discussion Lab safety, equipment, and symbols
HW: Study comp quiz: safety and print term packet for Tuesday

Tuesday: Topics: Lab Safety, Symbols, and Equipment
Activities: Comprehension Quiz Lab Safety
Individual Work: Term Packet

Wednesday: Topic: Anatomical Terminology: Directions, Planes, and Regions
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Anatomical Terminology
Notes handouts we will complete in class Term Notes pg 1 and Term notes pg 2
Jane Doe graphic organizer passed out in class
HW: Term packet (due 8/24)
Read Parts A & B and Complete Diagram of Microscope in Microscopy lab

Thursday: Topic: Microscopy
Activities: Lab: Microscopy (print for class)

Friday: Topic: Describe body regions of human body
Identify organs of human body
Describe and identify anatomical planes and directions
Activities: Q/A Term Packet
Lab: Directional Lab: Procedure and Lab Answer Document (print this handout for class)
HW: Study Microscope lab quiz
Cell Organelle notes handout will be due Wednesday 9/30

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