ANATOMY Week Ahead: 4/16-4/20


This week we will learn some of the muscles of the body. I say “some” because there are over 600 muscles, but we will hit on only a few of them. You have a daily quiz over the muscles and an application quiz over the muscle contraction later in the week. Use your diagrams and sequencing cards to help you study. We will test over muscles early next week, Tuesday, and start on the cat Wednesday. We have the circulatory system to finish up as well. If you are gone Thursday and/or Friday you will need to take your quiz ahead of time.
**Extra Problems for Skeletal Test is Wednesday 7:40AM
If you are gone Tuesday or Wednesday share your Section 3 notes with me before you leave.
Muscle Contraction Diagram

Monday: Topics: Understand muscle contraction physiology and Naming Movements
Activities: : Q&A: Muscle Contraction Cloze
Partner Practice: Name the Direction
HW: Section 3 of notes

Tuesday: Topics: Identify muscles of upper and lower extremities and face
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Muscles of the Body
HW:Naming Muscles Diagram

Wednesday: Topics: Identify muscles of upper and lower extremities and face
Activities: Q&A: Muscle Diagrams
Lecture/Discussion: Muscles of the Body
Muscle Diagram Practice: Upper Body
Muscles Diagram Practice: Legs
HW: Prepare Quiz

Thursday: Topics: Identify muscles of the upper and lower extremities and face
Activities: Review Muscle Diagram Labeling
Quiz Comprehension: Total Muscles (daily)
HW: Complete Case Study: Unlucky Chucky: Toxins of the NMJ Part 1 and Part 2
Prepare Muscle Contraction Quiz

Friday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of muscles contraction physiology
Activities: Q&A Case Study Unlucky Chucky
Quiz Muscle Contraction (application)

Anatomy Week Ahead: 4/9-4/13


This week we will wrap up our unit on the skeletal system and begin our study of the muscular system. The skeletal system went well and you handled your first lab practical quite well. Once we complete the muscular system we will start on the cat dissection. So get ready it’s almost time!

Muscle Notes
Muscle Fiber Diagram
Muscle System Playlist

Topics: Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures
Activities: Q&A: Brittle Bones: A Density Problem and bone fractures
HW: prepare for Bone Test

Tuesday:Topics: Demonstrate understanding of bones structure and function
Activities: Bone Exam
HW: Complete Muscle Notes Section 1 (Up to types of Contractions) Playlist first 2 videos
Muscle Packet: color Figure 9.2 and complete Section 2 diagram pg 188

Wednesday: Topics: Muscle Types and Structure
Activities: Lecture/Discussion Muscle types, microscopic structure of muscles
Q&A: Muscle types/cellular components packet
HW: Notes Section 2 Muscle Contraction and notes over Muscle contraction video on playlist

Thursday: Topics: Muscle Contractions
Activities: Whole Group/Partner Work: All or Nothing:A Case Study in Muscle Contraction
HW: unfinished portions
Students will receive muscle contraction sequencing cards for practice

Friday: Topics: Muscle Contractions
Activities: Whole Group/Partner Work: All or Nothing: A Case Study in Muscle Contraction
HW: Complete notes Section 1: Types of Contractions to Types of Body Movements and Playlist video #3
Muscle Cloze

Anatomy Week Ahead: 2/5-2/9


This week we will wrap up the Endocrine system and move on to the Nervous system. Keep up with your notes and assignments. This is the time of year when you start to feel like slacking off because Spring Break is fast approaching, but the spring time is busy with lots of absences from school. Make sure you stay on top of it!

NERVOUS SYSTEM PLAYLIST This playlist contains all the videos for this unit that correspond with the text and discussions in class. It is important you are using your textbook and the videos for your notes. If you click the SHOW MORE link in the description, you can see what is covered in each video. Make sure your notes reflect the textbook content and the video.

Monday: Topics: Diabetes lab and results
Activities: Q&A: Endocrine Review
Lab Quiz: Diabetes
HW: prepare for Test

Tuesday: Topics: Endocrine system function and structure
Activities: Escape Room: Endocrine System
HW: Prepare for test

Wednesday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of endocrine system function and structure as well as pathological states.
Activities: Test: Endocrine System

Thursday:Topics: Nervous System
Activities: Complete notes sections 1-3 and playlist videos over appropriate sections
Nervous System Notes

Friday:Topics: Neurons and Neuroglia
Activities: Lecture/discussion: Organization and cells of the Nervous System (sec 1-3)
Quick Draw Board Review
HW: Disease Chart Complete: Neurofibromatosis, ALS, and Huntington’s Disease (due Tuesday 2/13)
Disease Chart

UPDATE Anatomy Week Ahead: 1/15-1/19 and 1/22-1/26


SHARK WEEK: This week we will use the menstrual cycle to model the cyclic nature of the endocrine system. We are moving along quickly.

**Look ahead. You will need to read through the lab and graph your data ahead of time. You just need to graph your data and draw your line. You may put all three different hormones on one graph just use different colors for your lines. The data is due Monday when you come to class.

UN Students make sure you have all data from the lab completed when you come to class on Monday. You may turn in analysis questions on Tuesday.

Reminder: Flashcards due Friday!!!! look back to last week for the assignment

Thursday: Topics: Identify hormones associated with the pineal gland, thymus.
Identify hormones associated with male and female reproductive system
Activities: Individual Research: Complete Notes Section: Gonads (299-300 and 518-520) for Thursday
Graph data for Menstrual Lab Data
Menstrual Cycle Handout
HW: Make sure you have graph data complete

Friday: Topics: Analyze changes in hormone levels during menstrual cycle.
Activities: Lab: Menstrual Cycle: Analysis of data
HW: Complete graphs for Discussion Monday/Tuesday


Monday: Topics: Identify hormones associated with male and female reproductive system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Ovaries/Testes (299-300 and 518-520)
Menstrual Cycle Handout
HW: Complete Notes Section: Adrenal Gland, Pineal Gland, Thymus, (296-299) due Wednesday
Complete lab analysis questions for Tuesday LAB ANALYSIS QUESTIONS

Tuesday: Topics: Analyze changes in hormone levels during menstrual cycle.
Activities: Lab: Menstrual Cycle: Discussion of analysis and data collection
HW: look ahead and make sure you have notes ready and Menstrual Lab Quiz will be 1/26

Wednesday: Topics: Identify hormones associated with the pineal gland, thymus.
Identify hormones associated with male and female reproductive system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Adrenal Gland, Pineal Gland, Thymus, (296-299)
HW: Prepare for Menstrual lab Quiz

Thursday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of menstrual cycle lab and its application to hormone control.
Activities: Menstrual Lab Questions Application Quiz
Complete Endocrine Graphic Organizer
Individual Reading over Pancreatic Islets
HW: Complete notes section 294-296 and Diabetes Information due Monday 1/29 This is an excellent source on Diabetes. You will be responsible for the content

Friday:Topics: Cell-to-Cell Communication
Create a model to illustrate cell communication.
Apply cell model to understand cell communication involved in blood sugar regulation.
Activities: Lab: Cell to Cell Communication
Endo Dominoes Practice
HW: Pancreatic Islet notes

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 1/4-1/5 and 1/8-1/12


Welcome Back! We will kick off this semester with a discussion of the endocrine system and its related organs and disorders. I have include the complete notes handout for the unit. You will notice I have posted which sections of the notes are due ahead of time. You should have the section completed on the assigned day so you can participate fully in the class discussions and activities. I have also included some study diagrams that will be used in class. To start the semester we will learn some suturing techniques and then start the endocrine system on Monday. Make sure you have the appropriate notes section completed for Monday discussion.

*** For Thursday bring to class an old sock you can cut up and an empty plastic bottle about the size of a water bottle or sports drink.

Endocrine Notes handout: Endo Notes

Endocrine Playlist: These are good videos to get you started especially if you have no to very little background knowledge on the endocrine system. Watch them as a preview to your reading or as a review at the end. Either way, make sure you WATCH them!!!!!

Endocrine Flashcards: Flashcards (DUE Jan 19)

Study Guides: Endocrine Organs
Peptide Mechanism
Steroid Mechanism
Thyroxine Mechanism

Week of 1/4-1/5
Thursday/Friday: Topics: Suturing Techniques
Activities: Lab: Practicing suturing Techniques
Day 1: Plastic Bottle
Day 2: Chicken thighs
HW: Complete endocrine notes as needed

Week of 1/8-1/12

Monday: Topics: Endocrine organs and mechanisms
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: General Endocrine characteristics (280-283)
HW: Complete Case Study: Diabetes Insipidus (1-11)

Tuesday:Topics: Trophic Hormones
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Trophic Hormones (284-287)
HW: Complete Case Study questions 1-11

Wednesday: Diabetes Insipidus
Activities: Case Study: A Case of Diabetes Insipidus
HW: Case Study: Thyroid Troubles complete reading and Parts 1 & 2 (due Thursday start of class)
**View Video Endocrine System Part 2 on playlist to help you get started with this case study

Thursday: Topics: Thyroid Hormones
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Case Study: Thyroid Troubles (Part 1 & 2) and
Thyroid, Calcitonin and Adrenal Glands (287-294)

Friday: Topics: Thyroid Disease
Activities: Case Study: Thyroid Troubles: A Case Study in Negative Feedback Regulation
Discuss and complete in peer groups sections 3-5
HW: Complete Section Notes 296-299 Pineal Gland and Thymus

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 12/11-12/15


We are close to our break! We are wrapping up the integumentary system with infections, disorders, cancer and burns. We will test on Friday. We will still do the suture activity but we will do it when we return from the holiday. I think an extra day reviewing the material will serve us well. We will still do extra problems for the test, we will just do it before the test on Friday morning, so you don’t have to come up to school next week early.

Extra Problems Skin 7:40AM Friday

Monday: Topics: Identify and label skin lesions and disorders
Activities: Discussion/Presentation: Skin Infections (prezi)
HW: Skin Review due Wednesday

Tuesday: Topics: Skin Cancer/Burns
Activities: Discussion/Presentation: Skin Cancer/Burns
HW: Complete skin Review due Wednesday

Wednesday: Topics: Skin layers and appendages
Activities: The Daily Deuce: Skin Layers
Partner Practice: Integumentary dominoes
HW: prepare for test

Thursday: TBA But I feel some Christmas Grudge Match Coming

Friday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of integumentary system functions and structures as well as diseases and infections
Activities: Integumentary Test

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 12/4-12/8


This week we will continue our discussion of the integumentary system. We will look at transdermal drug delivery and it’s advantages and disadvantages as a method of delivering medications. We will also look at skin appendages, burns, pigmentation, and infections. We will be looking at our final test next week.
**Make sure you have the notes, playlist, and article assignments from last week ready on Monday and submit your Ted Ed to me by 8PM Sunday.
**Extra Problems 7:40 Wednesday for immune test

Monday: Topics: Skin pigmentation and Appendages
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Skin Layers and Appendages
HW: Read Transdermal Drug Delivery

Tuesday: Topics: Transdermal Drug Delivery
Activities: Lab: Transdermal Drug Delivery
HW: Complete notes Section 2: cancer and burns

Wednesday: Topics: Skin Cancer and Burns
Activities: The Daily Deuce: Skin Layers
Discussion: Burns and Skin Pigmentation
HW: prepare for quiz: Lab Transdermal Drug Delivery

Thursday: Topics: Transdermal Drug Delivery
Activities: Transdermal drug delivery Application Quiz
HW: Complete Skin Infections Reading and Handout

Friday: Topics: Skin Disorders
Organize Skin Disorders into graphic organizer (Section 3 of notes)
Activities: Research Skin infection
HW: Complete skin infection research

Anatomy Week Ahead: 11/6-11/10


We will move on to the Lymphatic and Immune Systems this week. After Thanksgiving we will learn about the integumentary system aka SKIN! We are moving fast and almost done with the first semester of your Senior Year! Ya. Bring on the Senioritis Spring Semester, but at least wait until after Easter. I have provided you with some study material. Use it at your own risk.

**Lymphatic Notes due Monday and Immune system Notes due Tuesday! Get started

EXTRA problems for Disease Mechanism TEST will be Wednesday at 7:40 my room.

Study Materials:
HIV Entry
Events of an Immune Response
You want to watch this playlist. Seriously, watch this and do your notes Immune 1 Playlist

Monday: Topics: Lymphatic system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Organs of the lymphatic system
HW: Complete Immune System Notes

Tuesday: Topics: Immune System
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Immune System Cells/Responses

Wednesday: Topics: HIV Pathology
Activities: Lab:AIDS slides
HW: Print HIV notes for discussion

Thursday: Topics: Apply function/structure of immune system to practical clinical problem facing medical community: HIV/AIDS
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: HIV
ELISA Schematic

Friday: TBA

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 10/23-10/27


This week we will finish up our Prison Game, spreading TB through your Russian prisons. On Monday you should move on to the “Exposure” stage and parole your prisoners and trade them with another prison. We will discuss cancer at the end of the week.

Due Wednesday Cancer Notes and you should have the Human Disease Lab completed by the end of the day on Wednesday. You can come by during enrichment or another class period to get the slides

Monday: Activity: Lab: Case Study: Antibiotic Resistance in a Russian Prison: Playing with the Spread of TB
HW: Complete Questions 3, 5 and 6 only

Tuesday: Activities: Lab: Human Disease Slides
Or Complete Cancer Notes

Wednesday: Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Cancer
HW: Complete Part 1 and 2 Case Study “A Cure for Cancer”

Thursday: Activities: Case Study: A Cure for Cancer
HW: Watch videos on Cancer Conspiracy found in the case study (click on the video link in the case study)

Friday: Activities: Case Study: A Cure for Cancer
HW: complete Response to Part 4

ANATOMY: Week Ahead 10/16-10/20


We will continue our discussion disease mechanisms and pathogenic organisms with our study of Ebola and TB! I was watching this show called “Monsters Inside Me” on the Animal Planet. It was really gross and slightly frightening but very applicable to the topics we are discussing in class. This show will make you think twice about traveling, cruise ships, and letting those “little bumps” get out of hand. Check it out! Incidentally, this is also the same channel that airs “Finding Big Foot”!

*Reminder Disease Mechanism Choice Board is due Wednesday at the start of your class. Stop procrastinating and get on it. You Know Who You Are!

Monday: Topics: Pathogenic Organisms and Epidemiology
Activities: Case Study: “The Ebola Wars: Advanced Edition
HW: review Case Study for application quiz

Tuesday: Topics: Pathogenic Organisms and Epidemiology
Activities: Case Study: “The Ebola Wars: Advanced Edition
HW: review Case Study for application quiz

Wednesday: Topics: Pathogenic Organisms and Epidemiology **Disease Mechanism Choice Board DUE
Activities: Application Quiz: “The Ebola Wars”
HW: Read Case Study: Antibiotic Resistance in a Russian Prison: Playing with the Spread of TB
You will answer the questions later, but you want to make sure you understand how the game will be played

Thursday: Topics: Identify How TB spreads through a population.
Activities: Case Study: Playing with TB
HW: Cancer Notes DUE Tuesday 10/24 If you are gone on Tuesday, submit/turn into me before you leave.

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