Honors Physics Week Ahead: 10/8-10/12


We will wrap up our study of acceleration due to free fall (“little g’) this week and then move on to Universal Gravitation or BIG “G”! Look ahead and see if there is anything you need to go ahead and start on based on the week you will have.
Remember: Free Fall Lab and analysis questions are DUE Monday at the beginning of class.

Monday: Topics: Free Fall
Activities: Lab: Water Drop
HW: Complete lab post-lab analysis (due Tuesday)

Tuesday:Free Fall
Activities: Think Tank: Convert Free Fall Wordle to Graphic Organizer
HW: Free Fall Wordle (due Thursday)

Wednesday: Monday:Free Fall
Activities: Individual Assessment: Free Fall Comprehension Quiz
Free Fall Concept Questions (due Thursday)
HW: Concept Questions

Thursday: Topic: Gravitational Force
Activities: Q&A: Free Fall Comprehension Quiz and concept questions
Think Tank: Present Free Fall Wordle Graphic Organizer
HW: prepare for test

Friday: Topics: Free Fall
Activities: Free Fall Test
HW: Fall Apples and Measuring Acceleration Say Mean Matter
Say Mean Matter
Complete Notes Universal Gravitation
Playlist Universal Gravitation

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