E-Portfolio Responses: Anatomy

The following links are to topics or assignments we have covered in class or we will cover in class in the future. You are encouraged to include the response for class on your personal blog as well. This is a great opportunity for the public to see your work. I will update this page as we work through the year.

Assignments you can include on your blog

Ethics Case Response on Organ Transplants Organ Case

Ebola PSA (include a link to your infographic or your project)

Ethics Case Response on HIV HIV Case

After completing the Ted Ed video lessons on “Sugar and Its Affects on the Brain” and “Caffeine,” Answer the following question: Should local and federal government regulate the size and content of sugar and/or fat at fast food restaurants? Many states have started to pass legislation to do this. Also, many restaurants are now required to put the caloric content on the menus.

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