ANATOMY Week Ahead: 12/4-12/8


This week we will continue our discussion of the integumentary system. We will look at transdermal drug delivery and it’s advantages and disadvantages as a method of delivering medications. We will also look at skin appendages, burns, pigmentation, and infections. We will be looking at our final test next week.
**Make sure you have the notes, playlist, and article assignments from last week ready on Monday and submit your Ted Ed to me by 8PM Sunday.
**Extra Problems 7:40 Wednesday for immune test

Monday: Topics: Skin pigmentation and Appendages
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Skin Layers and Appendages
HW: Read Transdermal Drug Delivery

Tuesday: Topics: Transdermal Drug Delivery
Activities: Lab: Transdermal Drug Delivery
HW: Complete notes Section 2: cancer and burns

Wednesday: Topics: Skin Cancer and Burns
Activities: The Daily Deuce: Skin Layers
Discussion: Burns and Skin Pigmentation
HW: prepare for quiz: Lab Transdermal Drug Delivery

Thursday: Topics: Transdermal Drug Delivery
Activities: Transdermal drug delivery Application Quiz
HW: Complete Skin Infections Reading and Handout

Friday: Topics: Skin Disorders
Organize Skin Disorders into graphic organizer (Section 3 of notes)
Activities: Research Skin infection
HW: Complete skin infection research

Feel Good Friday: Happiness



PHYSICS Week Ahead: 11/27-12/1


This week we will begin our study of Sir Issac Newton and his laws of motion. The past several weeks we have been using kinematic equations in both one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion. Now, we will look at a more conceptual approach to physics with balanced and unbalanced forces. There will still be some “plug and chung” but some of you will find the math to be simple compared to what we have been doing. We have a final push to finish the semester. Stay focused and finish strong. Some of you have worked really hard, but there is still time to catch up.

I recommend watching the videos on the playlist as a supplement to our class discussions. Good info and Good review material. Newton’s Laws Playlist

EXTRA Problems for Projectile Motion will be Wednesday, 11/29 at 7:40 in my room. You can come by before school or during enrichment to look at your test.

Monday: Topics: Force and Newton’s Laws
Activities: Science Appetizer: Issac Newton Mini Bio
Lecture/Discussion: Newton’s Laws
Guided Practice: MOPS: Recognizing Forces
Forces Help Sheet **Complete the evens ONLY
HW: unfinished problems

Tuesday: Topics: Force and Newton’s Laws
Activities: Science Appetizer: Newton’s Laws Top 10
Q&A: MOPS: Recognizing Forces
Discussion: Newton’s Second and Third Laws
HW: Look ahead to Thrusday’s assignment and complete a Pre-lab write up. Directions: read through the lab and write in your own words the purpose of the lab, hypothesize what you think will occur in the lab and explain why, and a brief summary of procedure. Lastly, include the table and a title to save yourself some time.

Wednesday: Topics: Force and Newton’s Laws
Activities: Guided Practice: MOPS: Newton’s Second Law of Motion and Newton’s Second Law
HW: unfinished problems

Thursday: Topics: Force and Newton’s Laws
Activities: Lab: Constant Force and Changing Mass
HW: Unfinished portions of the lab **Turn it into the sub on Friday at the beginning of class

Friday: Topics: Force and Newton’s Laws
Activities: MOPS: Inertia and Mass and Balanced and unbalanced Forces
HW: Read lab and complete pre-lab setup: Directions: read through the lab and write in your own words the purpose of the lab, hypothesize what you think will occur in the lab and explain why, and a brief summary of procedure.

Anatomy Week Ahead: 11/27-12/1


The Smallpox case study questions (#1-8 with question 8 being 1 paged typed response) are due Monday 11/27 as well as your 1 case study disorder over lymphatic system disorders. Here is a hint for your case study: Think Lupus, Allergy, Cancer? IBS or Chrons Disease. We will begin our study of the integumentary system (aka the skin) this week. This will be the final unit for this semester. We will cap off this study with a suturing activity you will enjoy. We will also learn about the appendages and structures of the skin, rare and unusual disorders, cancer, and burns. We will also learn about transdermal drug delivery, an effective method of delivering certain medications, the tattooing process, and how your wounds heal. Lots to learn and do, and I know we are all itching for some Christmas movies, cookies, time off! Get your study group schedule planned 😉
This week we will do a Ted ed lesson, so if you don’t remember your account or you don’t have one look at the following handout to sign up. You will need to sign up and create your account by Thursday or you will not be able to submit your work.
Ted Ed Sign Up Instructions

Ingumentary Playlist

Monday: Topics: Common disorders of the lymphatic/immune systems
Activities: Discussion of Case Studies
HW: prepare for test

Tuesday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of the immune and lymphatic system
Activities: Test
HW: Complete Integumentary Notes due Wednesday (Section 1 Questions 1-3 and watch video #1 on playlist)

Wednesday: Topics: Identify layers and regions of skin.
Activities: The Daily Deuce: Skin Diagram labeling
Lecture/Discussion: Uncommon skin disorders
Layers/Regions of skin
HW: Skin Diagram

Thursday: Topics: Skin Appendages
Activities: Complete Notes Section 2 questions # 4-6 and video #2 on playlist
HW: Read Articles and Complete Questions: “More than a Patch” and “Using sound to deliver drug”

Friday: Topics: Scars and Wound healing, freckles and tattoos
Activities: Individual Work: Skin playlist (watch and take notes over each of the remaining videos) and Ted ed “HOW WOUNDS HEAL” AND “How do scars form?”
HW: Finish Video lessons and Ted ed submitted Sunday by 8:00PM

Feel Good Friday is think about Thursday this week


HMMMMM Are you gritty?

You don’t have to have a holiday to show your gratitude and thankfulness


PHYSICS Week Ahead: 11/13-11/17


We will continue our discussion of projectile motion this week. We will be combining horizontal motion and vertical motion to describe and predict them motion of an object. This is major life hack material. Now, you will have a better appreciation of the realism of stunts in action movies, think Taken and Fast and Furious, and of course you will be able to jump creeks and launch potatoes with more accuracy. Turkey Day is almost here! Gobble Gobble

Monday: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Projectile Motion
Guided Practice: Projectile Motion Worksheet #1
HW:complete unfinished problems

Tuesday: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Science Appetizer: Q&A Worksheet 1
Guided Practice: Projectile Motion Worksheet #2 #11-17
HW: unfinished problems

Wednesday: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Q&A: Problems from Worksheet 2
Group Practice: PG 101 #1, 3 and PG 113 #31, 33
HW: Complete Question #1-10 on Worksheet #2 (this is the one we worked together on Tuesday)

Thursday: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Review Game: MOPS: Projectile Motion: #1-8 and #11, 12, 13, 14 (if you want to print, you only need to print the first 3 pages)
HW: prepare for test

Friday: Projectile Motion
Activities: test: Projectile Motion
HW: Have a great holiday

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 11/13-11/17


We will continue our discussion and application of the immune and lymphatic systems this week. You will gain experience with a clinical test called ELISA both virtually and experimentally. Check out the Stars Ethics case for this unit. This one will challenge you to think about the welfare of your patients. We will take the test on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving holiday. Start the countdown to Turkey Day and Count your blessings!

STARS Ethics Case due Thursday: This should be typed one page single spaced. Send this to me before 8:00AM Thursday: HIV Ethics Case

Monday: Topics: HIV Pathogenesis
Introduce students to ELISA lab format and procedures.
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: HIV
HW: Read ELISA lab (see Wednesday)

Tuesday: Topics: Clinical testing of HIV
Activities: Lab: ELISA (virtual)
HW: Post-lab analysis questions

Wednesday: Topics: Clinical testing of HIV
Activities: Lab ELISA (experimental)
HW: Complete unfinished problems and prepare for quiz

Thursday: Topics: Demonstrate understanding of ELISA mechanism for detecting HIV
Activities: Application Quiz: ELISA
HW: Immune/Lymphatic Cae Studies Due Monday 11/27 *make sure you complete your assigned case study for our discussion on Monday 11/27

Friday: Topics: Lymphatic/Immune Disorders
Activities: Case Study: Smallpox Eradication Complete Questions #1-8
Type your responses to the questions and send to me by Monday 11/27
**Your response to Question #8 should be at least 1 page single spaced.
HW: Complete case studies and begin Integumentary Notes (Section 1 will be due 11/29)

Anatomy Week Ahead: 11/6-11/10


We will move on to the Lymphatic and Immune Systems this week. After Thanksgiving we will learn about the integumentary system aka SKIN! We are moving fast and almost done with the first semester of your Senior Year! Ya. Bring on the Senioritis Spring Semester, but at least wait until after Easter. I have provided you with some study material. Use it at your own risk.

**Lymphatic Notes due Monday and Immune system Notes due Tuesday! Get started

EXTRA problems for Disease Mechanism TEST will be Wednesday at 7:40 my room.

Study Materials:
HIV Entry
Events of an Immune Response
You want to watch this playlist. Seriously, watch this and do your notes Immune 1 Playlist

Monday: Topics: Lymphatic system
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Organs of the lymphatic system
HW: Complete Immune System Notes

Tuesday: Topics: Immune System
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: Immune System Cells/Responses

Wednesday: Topics: HIV Pathology
Activities: Lab:AIDS slides
HW: Print HIV notes for discussion

Thursday: Topics: Apply function/structure of immune system to practical clinical problem facing medical community: HIV/AIDS
Activities: Lecture/Discussion: HIV
ELISA Schematic

Friday: TBA

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 11/6-11/10


We will start the week with a Vector Treasure Hunt. This is a fun lab assignment. Make sure you pay attention to details when completing the lab assignment. We will also begin investigating projectile motion. Things are going to be AIRBORNE now! we will finish up this unit just in time for a nice Thanksgiving break.

**Projectile Motion Notes are due on Wednesday 11/8! Get this DONE
Notes Projectile Motion: Textbook pages 95-102 Projectile Motion Playlist
**Make sure you title each section of your notes with the textbook section and each video title


Monday: Topic: Projectile Motion/Vectors
Activities: Lab: Vector Treasure Hunt Destination Location

Tuesday: Topic: Projectile Motion/Vectors
Activities: Lab: Treasure Hunt: Treasure Location
HW: Lab questions and map are due Thursday, 11/9 beginning of your class period

Wednesday: Topics: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Science Appetizer: Video clip: Ron’s Slip and Slide Extravaganza
Investigating Projectile Motion
Wrap up Discussion
HW: Read the lab for tomorrow **Vector Treasure Hunt Lab due Thursday

Thursday: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Lab: Analysis of Projectile Motion (Setup and data collection)
HW: complete lab questions

Friday: Topics: Projectile Motion
Activities: Projectile Motion and Sport
HW: unfinished problems

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