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Anatomy Week Ahead: 1/21-1/26


This week we will discuss Diabetes and how hormone regulation plays a central role in this illness. There are some practice quizzes to keep you on your toes. Make sure you complete the quiz on the scheduled day before the time period expires. I will use these three practice quizzes as an easy daily grade […]

HP Week Ahead 1/14-1/18


This week we will wrap up our discussion of Work and Energy and then move on to momentum. Monday: Topics: Work and Work-Energy Theorem Activities: STEM: Chain Reaction Bouncy Ball HW: complete lab questions Tuesday: Work and Work-Energy Theorem Activities: Assessment: Comprehension Quiz: Work-Energy Theorem and types of energy Individual Practice: Kinetic and Potential Energy […]

A&P Week Ahead: 1/14-18 aka SHARK WEEK


This week is SHARK WEEK! We will continue our discussion of the endocrine system by learning about the reproductive hormones and applying hormone action to the menstrual cycle. Some of you will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday for UN, so you will need to complete the lab on your own time. I have graph paper […]



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Physics Week Ahead: 1/7-1/11


Welcome back! We will start the new year with a study of Work and conservation of energy. You are welcome to look ahead and complete the notes assignments ahead of time to help yourself out. Work/Energy Playlist Monday: Topics: Work and Work-Energy Theorem Activities: Individual Reading/Research: Complete notes over Work Playlist and Sections in book: […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 1/7-1/11


Welcome back guys! We will kick off the new year with a study about the endocrine systems and hormones. Lots of interesting things to discuss and learn. You will notice the discussion schedule and the appropriate notes sections we will discuss that day. It is important you have those notes completed for the day’s discussion. […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 10/8-10/12


This week we will discuss Ebola and Cancer in our study of disease mechanisms. We are looking at the last test for this grading period next Wednesday 10/17. Look ahead at the assignments for the week and plan your week accordingly so you have plenty of time to complete your work. It would be helpful […]

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