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Honors Physics: 10/22-10/26


This week we will study vectors. This unit will lead into our next unit of kinematics. Projectile motion. I know some of you are going to be gone on Tuesday and I will be gone Monday. You will have time in class to complete the NBC Learn activity titled “Vectors”. This assignment is to help […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 10/22-10/27


We will start this marking period, studying the lymphatic and immune systems. During this unit we will apply the concepts and related topics of the immune and lymphatic systems to our study of HIV, Smallpox, and Meningitis. You will also have an opportunity to practice a simulated clinical test, ELISA. Study Material: Immune System Response […]

Anatomy and Physiology Week Ahead: 10/15-10/19


We will wrap up our discuss of disease mechanisms and move on to the immune system and lymphatic systems. During the next unit we will look at meningitis and HIV as well as how are body defends against foreign antigens. ***Extra Problems for the test will be Thursday morning at 7:40 in my room Monday: […]

Honors Physics Week Ahead: 10/15-10/19


The past couple of weeks we have talked about “little g” now we will discuss “Big G” or most notably known as one of the best “prom-posals” for science people. This one will really up your chances of snagging the love of your life! ***Extra Problems for Free Fall Test is Tuesday morning at 7:40AM […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 10/8-10/12


This week we will discuss Ebola and Cancer in our study of disease mechanisms. We are looking at the last test for this grading period next Wednesday 10/17. Look ahead at the assignments for the week and plan your week accordingly so you have plenty of time to complete your work. It would be helpful […]

Honors Physics Week Ahead: 10/8-10/12


We will wrap up our study of acceleration due to free fall (“little g’) this week and then move on to Universal Gravitation or BIG “G”! Look ahead and see if there is anything you need to go ahead and start on based on the week you will have. Remember: Free Fall Lab and analysis […]

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