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UPDATE PHYSICS Week Ahead: 1/15-1/19 AND 1/22-1/26


This week we will wrap up our discussion of Work and Energy and move on to learning about Momentum and Impulse. We are moving right along and you have started the semester well. Keep it UP!!!! **If you are gone for UN on Tuesday and Wednesday you take your test on Friday morning. When you […]

UPDATE Anatomy Week Ahead: 1/15-1/19 and 1/22-1/26


SHARK WEEK: This week we will use the menstrual cycle to model the cyclic nature of the endocrine system. We are moving along quickly. **Look ahead. You will need to read through the lab and graph your data ahead of time. You just need to graph your data and draw your line. You may put […]

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 1/4-1/5 and 1/8-1/12


Welcome Back! We will kick off the new semester with our study of Work and Energy. From there we will move on to momentum, impulse and types of collisions. This semester is chalked full of things to do in and outside of the classroom, and it is going to go by fast! Jan 4- Jan […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 1/4-1/5 and 1/8-1/12


Welcome Back! We will kick off this semester with a discussion of the endocrine system and its related organs and disorders. I have include the complete notes handout for the unit. You will notice I have posted which sections of the notes are due ahead of time. You should have the section completed on the […]

Feel Good Friday: Merry Christmas


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!Music Credit:Trans Siberian Orchestra-Carol of the BellsNightstep-Carol of the Bells Posted by Euless Fire Department on Friday, December 23, 2016



I know some of your cried when you heard school was cancelled because you were missing tests and a competitive game of Grudge Match!!!! Here’s what we are going to do. On Monday during then study hall period from 7:55-9:15 you have the option to come in and take the Newton’s Laws test or Integumentary […]

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 12/11-12/15


We will wrap up our study of Newton’s Laws this week. We will have one more mini-lab challenge on Monday with the balloon rockets, and review on Tuesday. The final test of the semester will be Wednesday!!!!! You have done really well getting things completed and being ready for class. Finish Strong! On Thursday and […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 12/11-12/15


We are close to our break! We are wrapping up the integumentary system with infections, disorders, cancer and burns. We will test on Friday. We will still do the suture activity but we will do it when we return from the holiday. I think an extra day reviewing the material will serve us well. We […]

Feel Good Friday: Alpine Sledding


If you ever get the chance to try this, DO IT! The tracks are metal or fiberglass and are used during the off-season when there isn’t snow on the mountains yet.

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 12/4-12/8


Alright Alright Physics! Last week we learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion, types of forces, and some interesting facts about Sir Issac Newton. Remember his parents probably didn’t want him to play with matches! This week we will complete two labs and work some more problems together. Next week we will test over Newton’s Laws […]

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