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HP Week Ahead: 4/15-4/19


Hey guys I am going to be out the rest of the week. You will have an opportunity to do extra problems for your temperature test from last week on Wednesday. Look ahead to Wednesday for instructions. The test on Thursday will be over wave properties and interactions. None of the Sound assignments from this […]

AP Week Ahead: 4/15-4/19


I will be out on Wednesday as well. We will not have the comp quiz on Wednesday, but we will still have the practical on Thursday. This will be pencil and paper format. Make sure you have reviewed the bone packet we completed in class. The diagrams are what you will be tested over,none of […]

HP Week Ahead: 4/8-4/12


We will wrap up our discussion of the Kinetic Theory of Temperature on Monday. We will start studying and learning about waves this week, and then move into a deeper look at sound and electromagnetic waves. A lot of the physical phenomena you see everyday will start to make sense to you! If you are […]

AP Week Ahead: 4/8-4/12


Make sure you have Section 2 Appendicular Skeleton completed for Monday, and print the bone packet for class Bone Packet. You also have a quiz over the Long bone structure on Monday. There will be a diagram to label and you will need to know the description of the parts as well, no bone functions […]

AP Week Ahead: 4/1-4/5


We will wrap up our discussion of the circulatory system this week and start the skeletal system at the end of the week. If you are going to be gone Wednesday for the test, you will need to take it before you leave, so either Monday after school or Tuesday sometime. You will need to […]

HP Week Ahead: 4/1-4/5


We will discuss phase changes and methods of heat transfer this week as we finish up our discussion of the kinetic theory of temperature. We will test over this unit on Monday, April 8th. We will move on to waves next. **If you are going to be gone Monday from class, you will need to […]

HP Week Ahead: 3/25-3/29


We will begin this week studying the Kinetic Theory of Temperature. You ALL did an excellent job with your notes last week. This was the first time this year everyone completed all sections and videos correctly in every class and you did a good job of trying to answer the questions well. So, kudos to […]

AP Week Ahead: 3/25-3/29


This week we will continue our discussion of the heart. Since you have become familiar with the structure of the heart, we will focus our discussion on why and how the blood is flowing through the heart. Make sure you have the Heart Crossword puzzle I passed out to you last week completed for Monday. […]

AP Week Ahead: 3/18-3/22


We will begin our discussion of the Circulatory system this week with a look at the heart and blood vessels. Make sue you have the heart notes handout completed for Tuesday, look back to the week before the break. You will turn this assignment into me when class starts. The quizzes below are intended to […]

HP Week Ahead: 3/18-3/22


This week we will look at some applications of moment inertia. First we will have a little bracketology competition of our own with the NCRA (National Can Rolling Association). Later in the week, we will look at the physics behind a common yet slightly annoying toy the FIDGET SPINNER! Kinetic Theory of Temperature Notes handout […]

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