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FGF: If the Planets were as close as the Moon


If Plants were as close as Moon If Planets were as close as the MoonVia:- YETI @youtube/yetidynamics Posted by Science Nature Page on Monday, February 5, 2018

PHYSICS: 4/16-4/20


We will wrap up our discussion of Kinetic Theory of Temperature and move on to waves both light and sound. Your mousetrap cars turned out really well. Class Champions were Allison Patak, Baird McDaniel, and Lisa Potichko! Way to Go! Look ahead at what’s coming up and make sure you have everything ready when you […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 4/16-4/20


This week we will learn some of the muscles of the body. I say “some” because there are over 600 muscles, but we will hit on only a few of them. You have a daily quiz over the muscles and an application quiz over the muscle contraction later in the week. Use your diagrams and […]

FGF: Throwback to #DoWhatYouCan’t


Feel Good Friday: Unexpected Visitors are Nice


PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/9-4/13


We are wrapping up our study of the kinetic theory of temperature by looking at methods of heat transfer and phase changes. This is a big week in terms of completing your project. Check the dates below to make sure you have everything ready to turn in on time. MOUSETRAP CAR DEADLINES: Mousetrap Introduction ‚ÄúResearch […]

Anatomy Week Ahead: 4/9-4/13


This week we will wrap up our unit on the skeletal system and begin our study of the muscular system. The skeletal system went well and you handled your first lab practical quite well. Once we complete the muscular system we will start on the cat dissection. So get ready it’s almost time! Muscle Notes […]

UPDATE PHYSICS Week Ahead: 4/2-4/6


UPDATE: Since several of you are missing for the ACT Tuesday, we will switch the lab to Wednesday, and complete the Pressure Lecture on Tuesday. I have linked my Prezi below. You should make sure you have the notes and problems for Section 3 completed to turn in on Thursday. I know some of you […]

ANATOMY Week Ahead: 4/2-4/6


We will study the bones more closely this week. You will have time in class to look over the bones and improve your knowledge of the markings on each bone. You bone packet, textbook, notes and spending time looking at the bones will help you on the lab practical. If the marking is in the […]

PHYSICS Week Ahead: 3/26-3/30


This week we will finish up Rotational Dynamics and start studying Kinetic Theory. The spring semester is flying by! Make sure you are planning with me how to makeup your assignments when you are out of school. You are still expected to be ready with your assignments when you return unless we have made arrangements. […]

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